Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Main Man, I call him.

Because I rarely stay home and I have the itchy feet for exploration to go random and far places, I also found, met and be friends with strangers. People I have come friends with while I am doing what makes me happier. And because I tend to stay away from the ideologies of my family, I have found the "temporary friends" in life (with miracle like expectation) expecting them to stick with me even at my unlovable state and be added to what I call the regular people in my life. But who are these people, I'm referring as my "regular people" when I'm often physically absent in the lives of my own family? I mean, who am I to turn the ones I just met as my new set of dependable friends? 

And after years of drought, despair and amidst my complaints, I've found the one true friend who never left (and because this is my most awaited blog post according to me, I'll make the intro...duction longer. Ok.); the friend who came to my rescue each time I fall and found him where it all started... inside my heart he would encourage me to be braver. He's the man behind my lifted spirit    complimenting just every rejections, failures and doubts. He never really left because it is always I who walks away but this time, without me knowing he revealed himself through my pains and I'm glad we both met, with ease. 

How do you deal with yourself when you don't consider your home as if it's your own? 

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