Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Life must be better with you

I always ask my friends if they have someone whom they can say, "the one" and if that is in the person of their current partner. And the reason why I asked was because I thought, I have one. He's always  there though not physically around anymore but I'm secured knowing he's just a chat away. I would always think of him whenever I feel lonely for staying single since birth because I have him. But he's also the cure to that momentary loneliness since I know I have him. Knowing that he's there, still single and enjoying his life made me think that we might just be waiting for our time. I can still remember his sudden words during our graduation program practice, "Magseseryoso lang ako pag may sadiri na kong pamilya" His serious words made me forget about the question or topic we had then. And if I can remember it right, we're the only ones who were talking to each other that time. What made me think it's only us two then? Because I saw my face in his eyes and I'm looking at them too.



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