Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I've been thinking about you ALOT.


We didn't start with that. We were both introduced to each other by one of my best friends, who's his blockmate in college then. And I still can remember the first conversation we had but don't give me the look as if I knew already that something's different with him. It just made sense now that "ahh ok, this is what he's been babbling about that time in the Library." I'm not quite sure why it's just the two of us in that table, obviously we were sitting, beside each other. He started talking about what he just read, like as if it was from his own words because I was caught off guard by his bluntness. Kaya eto na nga... he specifically told me about the sex drive of opposite sexes. Yes, he's a no filter kind of talker. ON. OUR. FIRST. CONVERSATION. MY. GOSH. I WAS JUST SEVENTEEN. Good thing about me is that I'm the open minded type of a person. I just let him finish say his piece. He started talking with an air of Kuya Kim in his introduction because he said it like this, "DO YOU KNOW that men and women have this big differences in engaging to sex? Like men would explore their sexual drive in their teenage years, it's about this time actually." And I was like 😱😱😱. What is this boy saying, we were like strangers just a couple of minutes before we were having this strange topic. I clearly haven't thought of me being a subject of a bet or a consequence but I don't mind since I can't seem to erase now the next words he dropped. He added, "But for women, they find sex engaging in their late 20's. It's different, I know that's why women in those age would look for a man who has the experience. They will most probably find someone with experience." And I was like 😳😳😳 on that note. I was flustered and just said in a confused tone, "ahhhh~~~". I wasn't able to rebut but I decided to leave the library earlier than expected because aside from I find him weird he is just freaking the weirdest!!! 


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