Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Simply my thoughts without judgment

Greetings yeoribeon!

(Written on 11.29.2016)

Currently, I'm on a bus ride for an errand and I thought of writing a list of things I wish I'm doing or will be doing, without judgement. So lemme start with...

1. Paint our whole resort with my own doodles and quotes that wish to push anyone who is in pain or (i hope not) depression to just get up and TRY find again their own zest in life.

2. This is a little version of #1, I would like to start my own journal. Write about the randomness I feel and be artsy about it. Ooohhh that would be a lot of work to do but I just like to also make my IG artsy and personal.

3. Traveling back to Korya is not a surprise but you will still be. I swear you will! Wahhahahah

4. LIVE in my own room. Decorate it with *christmas lights, mantra for life quotes, pictures of my life pegs, hotel pillows and beddings, alive plants like cactus and some herbs, coffee table at my veranda/balcony whatever that is, a cozy bathroom that will pass as a room as well and voila!!! I can live, I can die in my room if that's the case.

5. Wear dresses under my coat! Pastel layering or boho like getup are my next fashion statement to achieve.

6. Watch relatable korean drama series that will let me adapt the values and learnings~~~ wooohhh can't get over with Another Oh Hae Young just yet so  bare with me.

7. Continue my meds. Hahaha That the secret I won't tell here at least.

8. Travel far and go to places local or city like and just be able to engage with actual people. Get into long and deep conversations with them and learn how they live. 

9. Be not a control freak that I'm quite becoming these days. Because I'm the type who wants to get things done right and learned through the years that with focus, nothing is impossible to accomplish but the odd side is I tend to be very hard on myself that also affects the people I'm with. That is why I badly wanted to change because I want to loosen up and just experience that life that is happening right now. 

10. Get into a relationship at an age I'm the most ready or I suppose, emotionally able to reciprocate the right amount of trust and love to the other person.  I know it shouldn't be quantified but in reality to make it last, there's formula to make it work and enough is the most right. Ok. Someone seems to be not in love right now that she's talking too much.

11. Eat pesto flavored pizza and fruit salad!!!!

12. Talk in TED Talk! (Am I to change the blog title to, A List Of My Big Dreams)

13. Go to an amusement park with ummm and ride the Abyss in HK Water Park Adventure with ummm.. hahahha
14. Go see Sarah G. in her concert!!! And have a picture with her.

15. See Music Bank in Korya! Anubahhhh!!!

16. Dance in a club! My goshhhhh been a long while! The I am sober but I dance  like a drunken master in my sexy dress. Ahhha

17. Send my parents to a week long vacation somewhere in Bali or Bangkok.
18. Go maintain a career. Hopefully it will be filled with fun loving and professional people!

19. Able to be resilient at all cost when sadness comes uninvited. Especially those nights that seem so hard to negate the bad vibes life may throw, I wish to be able to heal my own wounds less than a day so it won't be that dragging and inflicting.

20. Be able to spread only happy vibes to people that when they think of me, they would love to see me again.

With sooooo much suweggg,

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