Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Because 2016 was such a tease!

2016 is not yet over but since I already kept dreaming of writing about it so here's my overflowing feels for this year that will be ending (tears~~~?) in just few tumbling. Just for everyone's knowledge I have resigned from my corporate job and God is good for allowing me be in the shed of my parents for about 7 months since I moved my whole piece of self back in town where I used to live for 2 decades since birth. 

To tell you honestly, when I left Citi I was half hearted. I guess because I was as  unsure as my reasons why I will have to leave to pursue bigger goals someday. Someday I still do not know the possibilities and as to how it will take place. Well then, the 7 months hiatus also paved discoveries and ways to get to know myself more and to experience living again with people in my life who genuinely have my best interests at heart and and want nothing but the best for me. Aigooo~~~ I am not supposed to be here and live the bum life I'm having because I never really imagined myself to be back here, get involved again with the hustle of trying to understand the differences we have in the house, the family drama my goshhhh!!! Don't get me wrong but for 5 long straight years living on my own in a city that is very busy, where no time is allotted for dramas (not the koryan drama though) since you're already confined with the struggle of daily commute and stress at work. Hence, I have managed to only be good to myself that everything that's also in my world becomes secondary. Yes, I may look  apathetic but allow yourself to get to know me by my shortcomings, they add twists to my life after getting bored from aiding my single blessedness. I mean, 2016 was extremely difficult year that made me madly anxious about my future. It made me act on the NOW and stopped from the so much thoughts I've been regularly thinking since I come to this age for quarter life crisis. 

To give you a a gist of the things and crazy thoughts I have done for the whole year, here's my life in order. At least here I could say I'm pretty much organized. Hahaha

1. In secret, I was counting the days off from the day I'll be parting with my then company. Yes, ever since I got in that chaotic banking environment I also have decided to leave exactly a year after I felt uneasy. To be very honest, I accepted the post because I badly needed to have a new beginning (you shouldn't be asking what it is, that would be rude! Tsar.) and I super liked the job posting. But after suffering the birth pains of the job, I simply just work that I forgot how to be myself again. It's been crazy really but it effectively healed myself from a broken heart. Tsar again! It may not be the job that I felt like going to every day but some of the finest and professional people were there and for that I'll forever be grateful for the one of a kind experience. In the end, the best teachers were really our mistakes and the consequences of our choices.

*Life Tips from Misil:
"Counting off the days before your vacation leave or last day at work is indeed very helpful to keep you motivated coming to work."

"Don't join the squad and pin point the toxic and difficult people in the office. Get to know them instead. They're 99% good people."

"Don't just be curious about things that puzzles you, get the answers. Always ask."

"Don't be too hard on yourself. Because work is only a part of life. To put it frankly, there's no life in the banking industry because it's not your money anyway your counting ." 

2. Went on a solo traveling to the country I wish to be licing right now, Seoul, South Korea. The decision to go solo (trying not to say alone, ouch!) wasn't so hard for me to decide on since I was thinking about going there any time I'm free to fly. Especially after receiving my lump sum bonus back in January so YEY to that! I went to MOA for the yearly travel expo back in November last year and got the 13k round trip ticket to Seoul. I simply don't mind the price just to be happy in my 7 day stay in the cold post winter season visit I had last March 6. Little did I know the preparation killed my already sleeplessness because the thought of the 7 days of traveling solo sinked in weeks before my flight and my parents is strongly against my plan. But my stubbornness once again ruled over the wishes of my parents. I can still relish the days and nights I would alot to research and study the places I'll include in my itinerary. Woooohhhh so with courage, thrill, excitement and fear all together in my tummy I forgot to care enough about my head, too bad I have suffered very bad headache on my first day in Seoul. But still I managed to get better each day, I have mingled with my roommates, my landlady at the hostel I stayed in with veryyyy gourmet like breakfast and of course the koryan saram(s) in the subways and the places I've been lost. 

Ramyeon at a jjimjilbang place near Seoul Station. 
Me trying to take a picture using my iPhone's timer. I still can't overcome my shyness for asking help. 
At the Travel Expo where i got the cheapest fare at Jeju Air! Hahahaha kidding, it was doubled the price of my cebupac ticket fare from my last visit. nonetheless, I was treated like a koryan saram! 

But wait there's more, I was often called by some kapwa koryan that as "haeksaeng"!!! Student daw ako besh! Hahahah k.

Blending in with my winter clothes! Yay! Bought several pieces because that was my travel is all about, YOLO! That even if the temperature is below 0*, I have managed to stroll with my skirt!

Right behind me is where my hardworking yeobos work. YG Entertainment! 
I still feel the need to post this because this is the craziest and the most heart breaking part of my trip, I was cut off from the group who can see Kpop Idols perform live! The pain was still the same though. Waaaahhhh But I've found reason again to come back! Fighting!!!

Good thing I saw their leader at the airport. Hahahaha I claimed it so yeah, that was B.I. lining up before me at the Immigration area! Siya yun dapat!!!  Thanks for cheering me up.

*Life Tips from Misil: 
"The things you once not cared about will remind their value to your life. Remind yourself that the measly and petty things may teach you valuable lessons in life."

"Don't stress. It's vacation you're planning not a battle field."

"Stay true to your roots. If you're not so good at taking pictures-why not do some snapchats or vlog!" 

3. This is by far the most surprising that happened in my 2016 because I never thought that this can still occur in this lifetime. Behold because I think I can now live healthily with this! I can even soon bear a child because I CAN NOW SWALLOW SOLID MEDICINES!!! I got a help from several YouTube clips on how to swallow a medicine so I practiced using a crack piece of Polo candy and once I got the momentum, I never stopped myself from taking up my vitamins and headache reliever. Yey!!!

*Life Tip from Misil:

"Have the courage to try especially, if that concerns the betterment of your health."

4. Back in Bikol. I wouldn't say I would live here for good. I just can't see that yet but I have been busy with my duties as Operations Manager of our family business-resort which just opened last May 15 of this year. Seriously at first I couldn't see the value of our resort because I was more concerned with my own interests because my supposedly plan to study abroad was pushed back because the startup business is on the process of construction and a big sum of money is also needed. I moved on from it from my day to day reminders to self that this is also what my parents should be doing at this time in their retirement phase of their lives. I mean if I can be sensitive enough with how they have managed to raised us in a comfortable life since we were kids, this is just small lapse they may have not seen to be coming. No, actually I was in the wrong here to think about only of my own when my parents are just doing their part again for us their kids to have a brighter future. But the process of accepting how things are going now was not an easy task to understand right away, because though I am still wandering at 26, undeniably I am still at my prime and I constantly feel like I am wasting time-time where I could have been earning and saving for goals I wish to achieve in this life that I imagined to be worthwhile and promising. But it came to me also almost everytime I feel low about the unrealized goal to study abroad, was the optimistic side of me-negating my biases over my selfishness; my life I wish to be as good as @hellokaty or as exciting as the people I admire in every series I've been watching. I kept negating the sadness to interfere every end of the day and make myself believe that you are here for a reason. I know I once twitted/posted on fb that " SOMETIMES IT *doesn't* ALL HAPPEN FOR A REASON" -Yes, I'm saying things I will soon regret and that was one of the moments I made sadness rule over my resilience. Back then I maybe thinking, I simply made a bad choice. I was doomed when I came back and that my family wouldn't support my dreams at all. That I will no longer need to justify and wait for a reason why I wasn't happy with the result of my choices. I couldn't surrender my troubles to the highest being (God) since He has too many issues to solve for sure-mine is just minimal. I was in fear asking for Him to take me anytime this year just because I'm not happy at a point in my life that I should be somewhere real nice as I imagined it in my dreams. That was depressing and I don't wish anyone would have the same thoughts like mine. Live still in the moment and believe in the God you once thanked for because of a blessing just few weeks or months. 

*Life Tips from Misil:
"We just come in to terms with our own selves when we are weary but we have a friend in Jesus whom we can count on our lowest if we wish not to share our troubles with anyone."

"This too shall pass. Failure is okay because it teaches you hard to earn lessons so you could be better."

"Quarter life crisis is not a trap, rather it's a detour you need to experience once in a lifetime. Hopefully just once."

"Be kind to yourself when things get hard."

"It's fine to curse but ask forgiveness and forgive yourself after you have cooled off."

5. I have shut the front door for "friends" whom I have not experienced being good in their company and relationships that were long overdue to be closed. Umn. I feel the need to let go of some of these long time "friends"since I have all the right to do so and choose the ones I want to be real with. So I eliminated the people holding me down and be friends with those who try their hardest to lift me high and a true believers of my dreams because I am also with them. 

Life Tip from Misil:
"You should at least share the same values in life."

6. Since I've stayed with my parents, apart from doing the day to day duties of a bantay-resort/bantay-tindahan, I kept myself busy with beautifying the surrounding sights of our place. Not to boast but I have won over my father's idea about necessary improvements and added attractions to adapt in our resort like the the first ever built #mudslide and obstacle course experience in the Bicol Region. The idea is from a YouTube clip I saw, also we have to live up to our business name, #Valerosa FARM ADVENTURE Resort so I initiated its construction and helped in how it should be experience by our customers. 

Fortunately, we're blessed with a natural resources that fits well with what I have in mind. The obstacle course is also around the farm so it's like killing two birds with one stone, we have incorporated the mudly, deeply mudslide adventure with the view of the farm. Now they won't just be appreciating the farm from afar. Thanks to me! Tsarot lang~ 

One more that kept me more alive lately was my own discovery of a talent of mine. I still get shy saying this because I simply just copy my paintings from a picture I find cool on Fb so that day happened that I started painting first on our wooden swings, then few months later found myself painting on washing boards for our signages, then just recently I'm into lettering the name of our resort that pushed me to try harder and paint on concrete walls and our wall-of-wisdom. Isn't that something??! I'm not actually not a good at drawing but back in college my drawing of straight lines were quite applauded because their just... well, straight. Hahahaha 

*Life Tips from Misil:
"No one is too early or too late for something. Who are you to judge diba?"

"If you feel your idea is good enough to make an extra profit and beneficial, make others understand how it goes and show them it's benefits. Talk about it with a positive mindset."

"Always learn from others because you might just learn something new from them."

7. I maintained a short haircut ever since I decided to drop from my short course classes I took for free. Hahahah Steve Jobs must be proud! Drop the class that doesn't interest you! Kaya eto~ 

*Life Tip from Misil:

"Stay foolish and never settle for things that refrain you from becoming the person you wish to become."

"Dare to be bold and random because you'll never know you'll love it."

To sum up, I was the most daring and bold this year which fits with the season of my life as well. So I'm happy I blended in with the heavy waves 2016 has slapped and made me roll over. My goshhhhh!!! But what I trully have understood from all these is to KEEP ON TRYING no matter what's limiting you from even thinking of your happiness. So be it as bold as going again for a job interview or going solo on a vacation abroad what will do matter in the end is that you tried in pursuing your happiness. The moment you bring yourself together in an unknown circumstance, YOU'VE FINISHED 2016 WITH BOLDNESS my dear! Cheers to more discoveries and wisdom found from true life experiences.

The bravest at 26,

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