Friday, November 4, 2016

October 28, 2016

Back in 2013, a free spirited, young, hopeful and single lady once agreed with friends to take part on a Chinese belief kind of bustle to know when she’ll get married. This commotion will tell you what age you’ll marry and I happen to believed it ever since. The game starts by simply widely spreading your palm and right then, decide which age you prefer to get married – say for example, at 26 then make a circling motion for 26 times while holding a necklace on your other hand over your other hand’s palm (you can ask somebody’s help if you want) and once the pendant’s necklace stops from moving in circle… Viola! That’s the end of the game! You got your marrying age and you can expect nothing or held on to that firmly (secretly).

So what really made me expect that today is the day to say goodbye to singlehood? Well, it was my imagination luring me to believe this trend of wedding events, in the brood of 3, my little brother got married first on December 28th and our older sister tied a knot on the 28th of November so what’s wrong with me getting married today, October 28th, at the age I’ve been decided to get married by a pendant at freakin’ 26? Emairite? SO okeyyy. I don’t want to entertain other thoughts than believing it will all be fine. It may be soon or never mind… that thought of marrying someone is really far from my agenda right now. But will sure make me all kilig kung totoo man.

And so, the date of my wedding day has come and I am not attending.

With so much love to give,

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