Sunday, April 10, 2016


Greetings everyone!

To stay true to you, posting in a day like this has been a struggle lately because it’s not probably new to many that I am busy as a bee in the office and in most times spent my time sleeping in front of my phone streaming drama series. So yey! I made it this time! I am no longer just thinking in my head the issues I want to post but now writing them down, making a memory for myself to collect on days just like this, that is, senti and full of desire to make something productive. Get to own the whole night by thinking issues in my head to be organized somehow. And because I have so many things going on –bear with my randomness because my emotions
will just pop out from here to there. And see I barely backspace to get me to the point so let's make a start!

Currently I am sipping my now warm coffee latte from 7ate9 Cafe. This
is not my usual coffee tastes like and I really don’t order coffee in coffee shops because I love the fruit juices and teas, but since I got broken hearted after knowing the coffee shake from my go to Family Mart is not yet available so I resorted with thrice the price of my regular coffee. Because I just badly need one!

But what I really want to talk about is not how thrifty I am because that’s something I am not consistent about for almost a year now. If the cctvs’ are in place in God’s office then only He could see me going in and out of Forever21 and H&M buying the clothes who knows if I can even wear in a hot and most times humid place like Philippines.

Lately, I am always finding pieces that are thick and fashionably odd to wear in the streets of Metro Manila –WHY? Because I am planning of going to some place windy and cold. Yes, I am preparing to leave some time in July. I already handed over to my bosses my resignation letter. I even cried while telling my immediate supervisor that I will have to do this because this isn’t just a dream for me but also for my parents’ and I can't blow the chance off. They wanted that at least one of their kids is working overseas so that they can travel far from one kid’s place to another. My parents just wanted one and I don’t think I have that choice not to say YES because I am the sole single in the brood of three. I am also in an age where I should be thinking far more than I’ve been just merely thinking of doing and that is saving for the future because we really wouldn’t know what’s in store for us all so when my parents’ are still able to support that dream then I have to really go. But can I just say my fears? I wish I am that fully committed of flying out and really be far far away from home. I mean afraid in that sense that I’ll be pursuing something that I do not just personally choose to take. It’s quite ironic for me to be listening to my parents request and advise that I am now in a decision to do it and that this has been long overdue for months now. You know I’m not the listening type to others’ thoughts so me following the advice of the third persons in my will to fly is pushing myself to be in more deep thought if I should really be going faaaaaaarrr… Hmnnn am I that different? So let me consider the pros and cons of independence living overseas:

1.      My life will definitely change and it will be full of diversity. It
will be exciting, I know!
2.      I can finally wear my warm clothes hauled from my Seoul trip last March.
3.      A chance to meet my will be partner in life.
4.      A chance to be fully committed on something is there i.e., get good
grades; find part time jobs, real work after a year, save money for my
parents to come visit me, citizenship after two years?, save for my
own flat perhaps, save for more travels with family and friends, save
for my dream hostel to be built in there.
5.      Be a person who has not only have the money to share but also life
lessons from various experiences.
6.      I’ll be left with what ifs if I will not be pushing this year or next.

1.      What if the right partner isn’t in the place I’ll be going into!!!?! Ottoeke?!

I cannot continue writing… actually, I only have one worry in mind. So I have to go where there’s room for more possibilities and chances… magis, as we call it in my alma mater. Whew! So if I were to sum it up, I'd say that the earlier we sort out the priorities in our lives, the better it is. With this, half of the probability of ending up happy, could be tired but productive  is already at a guaranteed 50%, I think.

And that's about it. It is always good to share. 

Till next time,

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