Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Saturday Currently | 04 The unpublished since 2wks ago

What's this? Did I just broke my own words in my recent post? HAHAHA

The comments I see from the video clips of my now favorite Senator, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano who is running for VP alongside Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as President. Which by the way inspired me to have the moment to write and just let all the feels pour because just like my VP, I sincerely just want what's best so like these people whom I have high hopes to better my country this also marks my start of campaigning for them through social media. I simply believed that if you have the political will you most likely will deliver. I love how they answer interview questions most especially the ambush ones, they really have thought about it hard because they are just the tandem who have that concrete plans and advocies that any Filipino can easily relate to. I mean, surely others may bring change but I doubt if it will be a big one
so I am going for the ones whom even way before 2016 election already made huge difference in their own cities (a.k.a. "exhibit", try vising Taguig and Davao and you'll know) and a must say, has already inspired people by means of their honest and sincere service to their oath to the Republic of the Philippines.

Let me share that I am not being honest when I shared this clip when I am just trying to win more people to vote for this men.

Something like "The Saturday Currently'.

"Last Request" by Paolo Nutini. Found this randomly in Spotify and I got hooked of course that I've been repeating the song for I don't know how many times.
I lost count. How can I, really!

Been thinking what he wants from me? Since I opted not to read his private message just now which brings me from guessing what is it really because I changed by number a month ago then
he must have been trying to reach me through my old one but the sky must be not allowing things from making me bite into it since the wifi I am connectted is quite slow at this hour and I am into thinking that it must be something he needs urgently for him to even ping me on fb. But still I don't like to reply or even say my alibi because I don't owe him a reply.

The take-out food my roomate, Erika is munching right now. So I want to change that and turn away because I can't be eating this late.

With what just happened this week, I wanted to maintain again that happy vibe.

I could love again. Because if that happened my goshhh my pamili... ahhahaha It will not be as innocent as it always been. It will be true and it will be the last, that's what I hope.

My yellow pajama with cherry blossoms as its prints and I paired it with my loose grey shirt which has a low round cut. Maliit na bagay!

How energetic I was in this past week. I kept on fooling around and I came to a point that I just want to to... oops that was intended for the next point so shall we?

I want to be bold with my decisions as I keep that zest for life which leads me to going after my bigger dreams. As far as you all know, I am happy. I am most of the time. But I want to think of others' as if it's also for my own happiness. Get me? Hahaha


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