Sunday, January 3, 2016

10 Things That Makes Me The Happiest "more than kissing"

Greetings Internet!

Today, I decided to make a list of (see title of the post) things I enjoy the most MORE THAN the idea of tereren... Kissing! 😘 Because instead of dwelling to my hopeless singlesness for twenty five years in a row I like to present to you all the things that makes me forget of that unknown future, destiny that's happening right this moment. 

A little back story as to why I'm making this list is because I just have so much feelings for the past 2015 especially that I am now undeniably 25 and apparently experiencing the quarter life crisis like just anyone at my age so internet people, allow me to cope and get over by focusing on what's making me happy (aside from the male species and the idea of kissing 😅) and join me in realizing the sweetness of life as I write and as you read this first post of year 2016! 

1. I love ME time, where I can just cuddle up, in my pajamas, watch my flavor of the month's youtube channel, eat as much chips I want and fall asleep... 💤 Simply a caveman! 😁

2. Taking your bra off is just the best feeling after a long day! No picture of course!

3. A productive day. I know I am not the only one in this because may it be a well planned day or a spontaneous one I always feel like a wonder woman after a day full of finished on time deadlines or accomplished errands on a weekend. Tired but satisfied is the new thing I wish to be this year!

4. Attending FEAST as a non conditional thing to do every Sunday. I am away from my family and often times I have no company going to "the happiest place on earth" but I made it a habit to come to feast and join everyones lifted spirits in the 4pm session with Bros. Alvin and JC as its preachers. The series never fails to touch my heart that I never felt distant with my family at all.

5. Lamang loob. Or any "cooked" internal organs of chicken or pig. My eyes are forming hearts whenever I see dishes like dinuguan, higado, isaw, chicken/pork liver steak, chicken liver adobo... Name it I LOVE THEM!

6. Starting the day with my Chillz Coffee from Mini Stop or Coffee Shake from Family Mart. Reason why,is because I just have the habit of killing boredom in a traffic jam as I commute to work. Also I love my coffee very cold! Plus with Nata!

7. Fruit Salad on every occasion. I've been noticed by my family that I eat fast whenever a fruit salad is served in the table and I couldn't agree more because I want more in my plate! 

8. Korean Drama Series are just daebak!!! It's not unknown to you all that I am a big fan of love stories, Rom Com in particular (sorry we are talking again movies and Korean series I regularly watch) and one of the best part of any stories is kissing where they are most in episodes 12 to 15. Well, not just kiss from a frog but a true love's kiss from the prince charming who is nowhere near me now (let me wipe my tears, wait! Hahahah) but let me be in the mood to say, I am patiently waiting. 

9. Travel. The company of friends to a beautiful place is really priceless! Because every trip gives you different vibe of adventure and it is well spent with good friends. (Winks at my travel buddies-Nysh, Ylda and Dhet! 😉

10. The grateful attitude. Aside from the realizations that "hey! I am blessed enough to be born in a already blessed family and even so, I managed to be the person my parents are proud of (i wish~) because I am independent now that I have a position in a reputable bank and somehow been blessing others through the course and this is just so great!" , I have no words to better say my thanks to the God I have appreciated more and more through the years so Thank YOU Lord! For always hearing me out and for allowing things I prayed for happen and I am still waiting for the ultimate goal you will soon provide because in You there's always answered prayers. I love you and again, salamat po!


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