Monday, December 7, 2015

The Monday Currently | 02

Guess what? I was supposed to typed in Sunday night which basically this day's yesterday and the cause of delay and reason of the change of title was because... I just finished watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty which is the result of my curiosity in searching the words "finding inspiration fun" in youtube and so a trailer of the movie was on top of the list but I couldn't find the full movie. And a sudden picture came to mind, a memory of me copying movies from my good friend, Jnx and viola! True enough it inspired me to write this early mornight of Monday.


Just here.


MAINE MENDOZA (101% Real Voice) SMULE Recordings NON STOP. This is literally the title of the video clip from youtube.

Of the ways to start the week and everything that could get me up at 7AM later says my alarm. Because as you most probably know I am thinking of moving out from my hellish work as I... have to put in my resignation letter first before I an share. Hihihi

Nothing interesting. Ooops my pillow smells like the salonpas I've been putting on my back.

I can be happy in my numbered days in citi. I will try.

For a nice weeks before Christmas and even after that! But seriously, I hope for a smooth week so I can feel the vibe of holidays. Please.

Pambahay na summery t-shirt and shorts from my 2012 ECCP Football Cup uniform.

The Sunday that just went by. I must say my sorry for being very late coming to The Feast but still I felt blessed as I was there even just for the last 20 minutes or so. But though guilty of the fact that I went to Carriedo first and not directly to PICC, there I saw myself eager to not miss a Sunday without trying to be with His presence but no, Bro. Alvin just reminded us all that "Jesus is with me.", Christmas or not He is with us and when he is in our hearts, we truly live.

To celebrate this year's coming holidays free from the uneasy feeling I often feel whenever I think about life ahead. Because I know for sure it will be unpredictable, something unknown and I have to calm myself from worrying too much as IT IS JUST OKEY to feel the feels when you are going through quarter life crisis. You can never be too sure.

That butterflies in my belly long time ago...

Sleepy but at the same time trying not to loose track to later's life battles again such as, waking up to my alarm; wanting to sleep some more; facing the sad realty that I'm going to ride the bus again which requires patience and sanity at all cost and most especially having to face the work that keeps me crazy because of too much to handle work and bosses from all floors of the bank. So though I'm being a negastar here, let me think of what's proper... I am feeling that before I submit my paper I'll see to it that my head and my heart is in to one place, happy and overflowing with motivation.

That's it. Bye. I have to sleep before I get up again at eight.

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