Sunday, December 20, 2015

December Q&A Portion!

And so before I begin, foolish heart~ I feel like I should come with a disclaimer that says... 

This series of Q&A may be super affectionate and may speak in sarcasm OFTEN. And all emotional investments are subject to mood swings. Approach with caution. And fruit salad. 

And greet you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

1. Who is your best friend? Who should I start first? Hahahaha because I have two!  The unofficial bff and my well, official one. My official bff is my closest friend since high school, I call her Hawkry, Jocry, Jocrang and she doesn't mind the ugly names because if she does then we won't be friends to begin with! Yah know what am sayin! Truth be told, her real name is Joecris Buena and hides to her screename, Cris Buena! Hahaha for reason I can't reveal for safety reasons. 🙃 Seriously, I often call her up without forewords and just get to the point kasi sayang ng load! Tsar! 
As for my unofficial bff, it is this blog! Because I can be the strangest, weirdest and truest self all the time without trying to please anyone but myself.

2. I really wish... that if I answered this question my wish will be granted soon as possible. And so I'm playing my part and that is to grant me my forever! Nyahahaha Pallyiwa Oppa!

3. Who is the first person you saw today?
The hairstylist where I am in right now. I was on my way for brunch when I bumped into this skilled beautician! He smiled and I smiled back of course!

4. What memory do you want to keep from today? The memory of me watching Kalyeserye while I do my laundry inside the bathroom! Kilig pa din while doing my Sunday habits!

5. How much money is in your wallet? Php 5,800+ Reason why I'm keeping this much is because I'll be buying my cousins and my father gifts. 

6. What makes you sweat? Hmmmn the long hours of commute.

7. What do you wish your job was? A Floor Director or a Creative Director in a variety show! 

8. What relationship did you nurture today? My ending relationship with my old iphone 4s. I have transferred the nos. and notes saved in my 4s to my new one which is an iPhone6, everyone. Got this in Greenhills! 

9. What are you passionate about? That I still have to figure out... But I do enjoy blogging and spreading good vibes all over! 

10. I realize tomorrow... I have to wake up early and really be true to that because my teamate won't be around and I have to show up and act like I am possessed with two people inside me. 

11. Are you holding a grudge? I can't say no to this. Hihihihi Life happened so YES I am solving it on my own.

12. What was weird about your day? That I was able to do the 70% of my plans for the weekend even my migraine rained on my parade yesterday. 

13. How much of your day did you spent completely alone? Like 90% of it! Waaaaaahhh Hope this won't be reflection of my forever!

14. How are you expanding your mind? I am charging myself with good vibes I get from the shows I've been watching and try not to get affected by stressful and difficult people because no matter how bad my day can be it won't be solved by just another negativity. 

15. What word are you using too much lately? ACTUALLY! Hahahaha I say this whenever I don't have much to react on something but I never fail to say it with an agreeing tone just so I still appear like I truly care. Hahaha 

16. How was your day today? Keri lang. I still have plans of going to Greenhills though and buy my cousins gifts and my Dad a new phone so hmmmnn it would be regretting if I will not be able to them before the day ends.

17. What was the first thing you saw when you woke up this morning? My laptop. I left it charging and open while I was battling with my headache yesterday night.

18. What are the 3 things you need to do tomorrow? Woke up at 6am. Come to work at 8:30am. Leave the office at 7-8pm. That would be the most ideal things to do tomorrow! Got it, self?!?

19. What is the last place you visited online? Google Chrome, I was searching for the most reliable android phone to swatch my iPhone 4s with it and give it to my Papa on Christmas eve. Just because he's been asking for a new cellphone since he doesn't find his O+ to be that cool! Hahahaha

20. Today I chose to... keep the day workable for me instead of forcing myself to do this and that. 

21. Were you a positive or negative person today? +

22. Who is the strongest person you know? My sister. 

23. Who do you wish had been part of your day? Alden Richards! 😍


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