Sunday, November 8, 2015

Took a while...

1. The bra that gets deformed and stained will always make you sigh whenever you wear them. This has always been the case so an honest mistake ever since I went on my own which means I had no choice but to wash my own undies (don't judge me yet! I still have a lot of darker secrets! Bwahahahaha!) and apparently I'm not good with estimates (if this will get stained by another clothing if i mixed them into one washing bin) because I just have this unmanageable beliefs for seeking meanings to life and by that I mean, there is always a reason why my undies are not in the same form and color as before. If you know what'am sayin! BUT IF YOU DON'T! It's ok. Because there's no deep meaning behind. Hahaha Lesson that I just recently adapt to my practical life is to buy undies with the same color, form and well bought them all at same time! So I have new ones! Welcome my supporters for liiiiiiifeeee!!! I'll handle you with care now so please take good care of mine?! Hahahaha Oweeeee~

2. "Your bag defines who you are. Your bag is who you are." It was not a bad quote from the movie #EtiquetteForMistresses it is actually the truth. Your bag is a statement of who you are or your bag is WHO YOU ARE! Hahahaha been repeating the exact same lines but yes this is very true with my choices of bags. Because there's this one time I bought a tote bag in uni days (uni means university,i just thought i need some explaining to do: ) so I tag along a good friend to help me find a bag that I can find myself in it (not literally! Scary thoughts coming in!!!) so I found one but a month after I gave it to my cousin. I realized back then that it wasn't the one - that I just purchased the bag out of pressure because I am with a friend and i don't want our efforts be put to waste and take note that was from my own savings so I was really thinking of the best! Unluckily, I kept repeating that mistake ever since then... bought a bag gave it to another cousin for a reason that I can afford to buy them now. Then just recently, I bought the most expensive cross bag I will ever have I supposed but I will soon let it go and plan to give it to my mom just because it is so big for me to manage. So I am this sad because I have missed to yearn for that dream bag before handing out my debit card. Now, I am using my 400php worth bag which I bought as souvenir from my last year's visit in Korea. Originally it has straps as cross body bag but since I used to bring with me huge bottle water and some stuff it is now slowly decaying. Ok I'm just overreacting but now that I've learned the lesson and couldn't afford to waste a minute and money not having that heavy duty "leather backpack" I need for my brittle back... I'm waiting for the best bag to define who I really am! See I need a bag to let me be known to the world! Hahahha

3. 8 GLASSES OF WATER IS WHAT WE NEED! Reason behind is something that is not hidden to us all, we basically been reminded about this since we were in kindergarten and that truth remains the same and as a matter of fact forever. We all need to survive with water in our body as it's made of 75% water and not soda or liquor. Truth is my migraine is now bugging my days and nights lately that the longest hours of attack lasted for 8 fishing hours! It was like I should have get paid for that long hours of suffering that all I can do was to squeeze my head and throw up (not a party folks!) and it wasn't fun at all. So starting today I am now in my serious goal to completing that 8 glasses of water in a day because someone from the internet reminded me of how can I stop my body from deteriorating and that water will be the safest and easiest way to keep me going.

4. I'm not a street smart but let's remember I never fail to be a weirdo. Okey na sakin yun! I wish I am but becoming one would have been painful. Because most probably the ones who have become one were the ones who have been fooled or been lied to the most and that explained why protecting oneself from some unlucky events and those criminal minds is some beneficial trait one must have in this can be cruel world. But I won't be wishing for that trait if I'll be asked in my 2nd life because I find the most joy and peace whenever I just let things be and though sad that you have just been used or something, still it isn't me who made that bad decision. But try not to be in the same situation again at least for a year. This goes by saying, learn it the hard way. Accept that there are people unlike you and that we can be bad at times.

5. Invest on the things that lasts. Need me to say more?!?

6. Goal is to be able to take care of my parents when I am ready; to give back because they just never held back when it comes to us.

7. Don't get out of the car just because you're lost. 

8. When someone made their feelings known to you, you start to look at them differently then it could also be true if it's the other way around. Hmmnnn... So might as well say it before you start moving on. Malay mo naman~

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