Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Thursday Currently | 01

Currently, I am starting out a series of future blog posts with the title: "The (Insert day today) Currently" which is inspired from the blog posts of Yaya Dub a.k.a. karibal ko kay Alden. Woot! Ekmyuski po! Allow me guys to let you know why I have this thursday all to myself and that I'm not in my forced laborer mood. HAHAHA


Reading. Pages of blog posts from various sites that would let me bring my feet closer to a place where my heart will be tried and tested and my mind will be blown. 

Writing. I am busy jotting down notes on twitter, most of them are my excessive rants over my toxic work and some just my random thoughts of anything that's nakakakilig all to remind myself of forever. HAHAHA Never mind!

Thinking. I am thinking of finishing this post before I go to the CR because I just can't leave my belongings on top of this table and hope for the best while I release the water in my puson

Smelling.  Nothing.

Wishing. To have a productive day still ahead and to be able to face tomorrow with a different mindset as you should know that I just took my leave of absence from work today without any notice to my boss and just sent a plain text to my back-up that I can't make it today. And gladly she replied "okies :)" for I think she most probably know why.

Hoping. I can finish this up before I pee on my shorts!

Wearing. A purple t-shirt with a print that says, "I am there in 10 minutes..." which I just bought last night after I felt down and stressed at work. Which goes to say, I haven't washed this yet and before you can say you're just ok with it (hoping!) I paired it with my spoiled shorts which I just wore last Sunday. HIHIHI 😅

Loving. Today because I was able to rest and at the same time hanged out with my friends over chicken and beer.

Wanting. I've been wanting to go on a vacation to Bikol but I also want to attend the Kerygma Con. this coming Nov. 19-22.

Needing. Good sleep and healthy food because I just ate all that's unhealthy today though.

Feeling. Overall satisfied with today's spontaneity with friends and by myself.

Time to pee for me everyone! Bye! 

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