Monday, November 16, 2015

November Q&A Portion!

And so before I begin, foolish heart~ I feel like I should come with a disclaimer that says...

This series of Q&A may be super affectionate and may speak in sarcasm OFTEN. And all emotional investments are subject to mood swings. Approach with caution. And fruit salad. 

1. What decision are you glad you made? Attending feast as a non-negotiable habit every Sunday!

2. Share some good advise. Stay sincere because believe me, it's way easier to be true than to act as someone else.

3. What occupied your mind today? To be productive!

4. What was the best conversation you had today? With my "brave girls", Nysh and Dhet earlier! We need some catching up to do since we've been very busy with our respective lives while apart for like, months with no travels or simple get together. Reality hits us but we are truly grateful it will caused us to serious thinking and life changing decisions we will soon be making! Yey!
The Sisters at the Feast!
The parody! Nice try Nadz, Kath and Liza! HAHAHA 
5. Do you love your job? Hmmm... Perhaps like but not love. I like it when my day just went well but disgusted and dismayed if it turned out hellish.

6. If you could get rid of one of your habits, what would it be? Lazing around when I should be doing that planned idea in my head.

7. List 5 things you wish you had with you today? (1)Fries that my roommate is munching now. (2)New laptop for I just need a reliable Microsoft apps and google chrome that don't usually crush. (3)Coffee shake refill. (4)AC. (5)How about my house so I can access my whole cozy and dark room for myself! Hmnn~~~ brilliant!

8. What achievement are you the most proud of? I know this will sound cheesy but it would be my failures. To be specific, it would be the losses I made last year which includes lovelife na din. HAHAHA

9. What gadgets do use today? My bipolar lappy! My iphone 4s that I only got to use around 20 mins after unplugging from the charger. Also my e-fan, I believe it counts!
10. What shocked you? That Iced Coffee with WHISKEY I naively ordered in a coffee shop near my dorm. I won't be fooled next time and plans not to come again ever kasi naman I can't feel their aircon. Hmmm so di naman pala issue yung whiskey sa kape nya! Pabebe!

11. What was the last lie you told? To myself, that I can't fall in love while I'm about to move to a considerably far place. :'( Owkeyyy!

12. What's your favorite cuisine? I would say Korean. But anything would do. HAHAHA

13. What do you have too much of? My answer would be very objective but I feel like I have too much clothes now that I can only hoard them in my luggage. Partly to blame is my toxic work that kept me from shopping for more to distress. :'(

14. What do you want to tell yourself in one year? Good or bad may come at you but for sure you'll remain true! Tsar!

15. What is your greatest strength? That I am weird. Seriously, I misspelled weird again to *wierd! Kaloka! Sige na nga, elaborate ko naman, because I consider this as my ultimate source of drive after my faith or "the feeling blessed at the moment"; this just makes me more me! I simply just release myself into the wilderness of all that's happening kaya siguro feel ko lang to validate my thoughts because I myself needs some explanation as to why I reacted this way mga ganern~ kaya malabo! Wag na! Mobon na tayo! 

16. Other than your clothes, what was with you the majority of the day? My A3 Samsung phone! Youtube pa more!

17. What's your guilty pleasure? Late night TV series marathon.

18. What is bothering you? My hell work!

19. What inspires you? Aside from my hardworking parents when I think of my siblings who have managed to be good parents to their kids and at the same time be equally excellent at their respective fields, my Ate Yen being the Law student and my younger brother, Jimboy being the Team Supervisor that he is now. So I was like... WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE!?? I only have my own self to manage but still I'm lacking that drive to really outdo my past self.

20. What impression did you make in front of others today? That I'm sort of gloomy because of the aftermath from the pressure at work but can remain silly and positive about it.

21. What did you give up on today? Goodbye my 8 to 6 hours sleep!

22. How did you play today? Fair.

23. How do you know? Kasi wala naman nagalit sa'kin? Can't think of anything to answer the question actually~

24. Name the last three things you used today? Coffee shake straw and its cup and cover. bow!

25. What sound do you hate hearing? In awhile, my alarm.

26. Do you feel appreciated? YES! (malakas kutob ko!)

27. My body is... covered with oil before my clothes because I just had a Swedish massage at the spa where I had my membership for almost a year now. HAHAHA

28. Today I had too much... caffeine. 

29. What worries you? My future. Isn't that too obvious! kebs!

30. What did you get to do today? In general, my Sunday has been very productive because I get to send out my spoiled clothes to the Laundry shop; I was able to wash my undies (nagiging favorite ko ng topic!); Of course I went to the Feast with my friends and also got to catch up over our simple food cravings for Liempo. Also that I was able to share with them my worries and plans. And lastly, because I ended up blessed the entire week so I am just pouring out my feelings through here. Love you weekend!

Lost and so searching,
Miss Piggy

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