Monday, March 9, 2015

They come and go.

2014 may not be a good year for me but I must say it was still worth telling.

And having said that, I feel like I have been holding back from all that just happened. It was as if I'm being led on when I know the choice, the right ones will come from me alone - that if you find yourself lost you must go and get yourself together. And when you realized you're hurting in the process you go tell yourself "this too shall pass!", and if it's dragging you or confusing you, stay out of it decently. SPARE YOUR BEAUTIFUL FUTURE because most probably, you know how to be happy and at that point isn't making you smile anymore. I never thought mishaps were to come that year in a bulk but I am very much thankful they happened earlier in my life.

I'm now starting to plan travels; financial goals; investment. ALL to save myself from regrets. This year, I plan to be good to myself. I plan to W A I T for my dreams to be realized as I stay true to my intentions and do what I have to do- surround myself with the goals I planned of pursuing. And so I'm still thankful to last year's events because they were more of a training ground for soon to come years. Now, I know it's all up to me. I will no longer say, 2015 be good to me but rather, I'll be good to you! 

Still in love,
Miss Piggy

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