Monday, March 9, 2015


Lately… No. I know I’m making a fool out of myself if I say I just realized this but yes, being a fan of drama series would always lead me to thinking that for it to be a happy ending the protagonist should succeed in all sorts of twist there is in those 16 episodes or more. No dead ends. No unresolved misunderstandings. And dying in the end won’t make me convinced that he did well in the course of telling his story. HAHHAHA

Hard to please as an spectator but really I hate the main lead who is a pushover! I am saying this because I am not. Well, I used to be someone like “My Liege” ( Pehaa~) in Empress Ki at some points in my life but they were those times I didn’t give much concern about the world I lived in or simply I let others shine before me and that’s ok. But looking through the bigger picture, the people who have realized they are lacking in ways they want to be good at are the ones who will most probably be hitting the jackpot! So it's either you go close the gap from going to place you wish to be or give up in an instant because you think you're better off without it. But the thrill of life will not be there if you just wait for sunshine to come, I mean c'mon! Go fight for what you want! Now I'm at the age where I cant be wrong anymore... I know, I know this cant be true but what if you allow yourself believing it can happen because after all, matters of financial; career; history already made some marks and trying to refresh my memory from those would be of help for sure. And because I know now...

I suddenly want to go home. I feel the need to be next to the people whom I know loves me for sure. Waaaaaaahhhhh!!! I feel that I’m very vulnerable these days so I want to feel the equilibrium that my family can give me. I want to be busy as a bee! Do this and chase happiness! I want an F5 kind of thing! I am new and blessed soon as I wake up! I'm forgiven! NO LONGER SHAKEN! I AM THE PROTAGONIST IN A DIFFICULT ERA! I maybe scared but dam*it! I'm ready to live!

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