Sunday, November 9, 2014


@fatimapalma after watching your video rapping for your patient, it made me think of my own profession. I work for an offshore bank and now thinking of moving to another to earn for more. Before knowing your story, I've been thinking that I'm being underpaid considering how other companies can offer for my role. Also with my diverse course I took in college, I can just shift from one field to another. And after knowing the sacrifices you make to getting your job it made me realize how difficult it must be to take that others are getting paid for jobs that can be learned or practiced without the need for licence. And when I feel like demotivated, I can just text my boss and say I'll take my leave even if it's on the day or fake it as if I got a bad cold which I doubt if nurses also make that excuse considering your nosy head nurse planning your shifting schedules. And whenever I feel like lazing around, I just tell myself that this isn't my money at stake so I can less care with near deadlines requests but with your work, you don't have the choice but to give them their meds on time, to make time when you're already multi tasking yourself; to be responsible for so many people's lives in the ward. In short, there's no room for mistakes or else we know what might happen. 

Now, I came to a realization that whatever your profession is you should be making sure you're doing it the right way because someone might feel overworked or underpaid with what you're behaving at work. I have a close friend who is also a nurse at a local hospital and I always rant on him about my work but he never really rants about his actually. We go to same church and I appreciate how he makes time to praise with his ever changing off.

I salute you Fatima; my good friends, Dean and Sheela; my Aunt Joy in Saudi and Aunt Minnie in London and many other nurses working passionately for their vocation! I am in awe of people who knows how to give value to their bread and butter that I might be looking for a rewarding sideline now because of this eye opening story! Our government might also want to change these nurses perspectives of working abroad because of salary issues so they may prefer working here instead and that no more big sacrifices be at made just by following the field they chose. But as much as we want you staying here we can't judge of those who left because we know aside from your proffession you take oath on you also have your own families to feed, to raise and to live. We also wants best for you and we do appreciate your help. To God be the glory! 

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