Wednesday, September 24, 2014

10 Things I want to do at the age of 50:

1. Drink beer while waiting for my trade to TP. It was a sudden picture I've seen while I am working at my station, executing an fx request then as I checked the graph of XAU/USD on the other tab of my window there I grabbed my mountain dew drink contained in its long neck bottle. Thus I was able to imagine things to happen when I’m not working anymore and probably just having a good time while the money is working for me. Yay!

2. Refreshed. Go out early in the morning for a walk with my sneakers on as I take a detour through the park near my area while sipping my coffee as I return home.

3. Drive. I think I have nothing to be afraid of by that time and age so I'll have my car for grocery or as we (yes, with my hubby) visit our kids (yes they're now some place working) on holidays for a get together or to work on some errands. And that would be close enough to 2015 Hyundai Tucson!

4. Blog. I still wish to share my stories here. I hope this won't get outdated before I leave you my ashes, Earth.

5. Make LOVE. Oh yeah!!! Love is always something to celebrate! I wish for a marriage that is not troubled by disloyalty. I claim to work on a marriage with love and friendship as its foundation that no man alive can ever break!!! And that the only reason it may lead to disaster is because of our tempers. Just that!!!

But that won't happen to us, and we got no doubt. Too deep in love, and we got no way out. We start and end as one. In love forever... We can ride it together, uh huh~ Makin' love with each other, uh huh. (Credit goes to kenny-rogers-islands-in-the-stream uh huh!)

6. Build a community. I don't know yet for what exact reason why I want this to be realized but I think I am able and prepared by then to share my blessings and to lead by example. I'm pretty sure it will be about business affairs where it's too hard to trust someone with finances but I would like to come up with people who are humble enough to build friendship among business partners and potential connections. This will aim to promote good and effective business discipline so as to encourage young entrepreneurs to always never give up too easily on their dreams to succeed. Because there will always be people behind their backs or on their side guiding them how. And I just thought of the answer to my confusion in the beginning of this hopeful attempt. To that I think I can make it happen!

7. Cook. I get the realization that whenever I prepare food even that is for myself I always feel like my appetite is going down or completely gone. So to make it worthwhile, I might as well cook for my family and diet at the same time. But I can only wish that by 50 I already came along way on my cooking skills.

8. Travel. This can't be ignored unless there is an asset to be procured or still need to be paid. I wish to go back to Bangkok or Myeongdong to enjoy shopping with my kids and friends and have some cozy time just like the old days with my backpack on during my 20s'.

9. Sunday is reserved. This should definitely be a non-conditional habit on Sundays that I wish my kids will adapt as well just like how my grandparents and my parents made us realize that no matter how distant you maybe from your family, you should always find a place where there is God because that's the best way to honor Him and your parents'.

10. Profitable business. I'm thinking of an hostel for backpackers where I will be offering "sulit" and pinoy style accommodation to foreigners and local tourists. It has two floors with a cute house at the roof top (I'm ok living there!), the common area will be in the ground floor's backyard with hammocks tied on the opposite corners of the open "bahay kubo" where the big flat screen tv is located.There'll be two big trees shading the rocking chairs and benches. The dirty Kitchen where they can cook their own meals is located as well in the kubo and the one that is clean has the same amenities only that it doesn't have a chimney to direct the smoke of the grilling meat. The room has its own CR and AC. On the 1st floor of the bldg is the information area where there you'll find the coolest CEO (that's me!) looking at the two monitors, one with the xau/usd chart and the other has the guesthouse's home page opened as I answer FAQs by potential guests. Aside from the business itself, I also buy and sell USD, KRW and SGD to Peso so foreigners can save time going to banks or some money exchange stalls outside.The concept of the bldg will be artsy and homey that they just want to extend their stay because of the mark that they can leave soon as they checked out, they can post notes or have their palm marked on the vandal walls of the reception area. Plus, Geum Jan Di or Korean style bikes are available for rent for those who wants to stroll the city anytime of the day. Up top of the bldg is where the guests can feel the breeze as they lay on to the hammocks and on the elevated ground made out of wood, ideal for siesta! Omo! I can already picture myself planning for it!!!  Waaaaaaaaaahhh!!! I just made plans for my future, baby! 

In love,
Miss Piggy ❤️

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