Wednesday, September 24, 2014

10 Things I neglect but really are important:

1. Know how to read analog clock. This has been already decided back in my childhood years where my father used to challenge us how to read wall clocks in our house and almost everywhere but I simply didn't get it as fast as my elder sister and brother. So I moved on and learned that there is what they call digital clock! Right now, I owned my first legit digi watch from Timex. It has everything I need to know about time... No more or never relied on used to be for fashion sakes analog clock on my wrist before. You asked why I have it before? Well, my parents didn't get the memo that their second daughter can't read them really so they bought me watch and I don't care if it's running or what. Because seriously I can die without knowing how to use it. I've lived just fine not until I was recently asked by my father and my two crazy siblings laughed at that very moment because they know I'll probably just guess it's quarter to this number base from the sky's above. wahahaha! 

2. Try again to swallow solid medicines. If my father taught me to read the analog clock (I'm thick-faced if I'll say I've learned), my mom on the other hand diligently taught me how to swallow my meds even not on time but at the very least can swallow them because they're just too costly enough. Again, I never learned how though it's been put inside a gelatine, banana and that she begged to make me swallow them still it didn't happened her ways. So my remedy goes like this... first, pound them then have them mixed with my pineapple juice or now that I'm making money, I buy the more expensive ones for cough and colds (usual illness) that dissolves on its own when dropped into a cold water (yes cold!) and it tastes like Mountain dew, my favorite soda! But then I know there'll be events that will push me to swallow them naturally like how inevitable it is to get sick these days.

3. Buy my own undies. I know its significance since these are something I can't live without but these just never been the priority when going out for a shopping. I certainly need some new set of cover ups but I can't have the time to look for underwears that will be hidden anyway. I can only wish someone can buy them (in a dozen please) for me.

4. Come to work before time. Fine! I love my job and I'm good at it so I have this thought that being good can compensate my tardiness. 

5. Submit my outputs/prod. We have this system at work called BPAL it is where we input the number of FX we've booked at the end of the day and I only tried doing this when it was first implemented, last November 2013. This will seem like an excuse but I have better things to do in my idle time than log them. But good thing my teammates are not following my footsteps!

6. Say the appropriate words at the right time. It's no longer new to some people who knows me that I'm random but something has been added this time, I'm now spitting out bad words! And even folding my fingers for them (provoking being) to get what I'm saying. Like I gave this people a laugh everytime I did those 

but I felt bad recently when my office buddy, Haidee told me to stop since she's afraid what other people would think of me if they see me acting like a douche in the office. Then I thought to myself "Isn't this what you guys are doing?"; "Oh some potential boyfriend might freaked out!" So I decided to change and even slap my own hands if ever I just did it. 

7. Call my parents often. I do once a month and in most cases I just make sure I'll give them good news like I got promoted (which didn't happened), I received a commendation from my boss (like it matters to me) but trying to place myself on the shoes of my parents' I think I'm just being proud and rude at the same time. I've realized, if ever I get into an age where I have kids living away from my premises I would also love to pick up my phone for casual talks as if they're just close. At least to make up for the distance and all but the problem is, my parents' are just as cool as I am. They don't answer calls right away or they won't call unless I call. Waaaaaaahhhh! It runs in the blood but I'll try make an effort this time. I'll call my mom tomorrow and say, "MA! I just had rashes all over my body last night but it's not even true! I just really felt lazy and demotivated to come to work with my face swollen because of tiny pimples on my forehead." I think I know what I'm asking for... scolding!

8. Sleep when feel like sleeping. Because of my Forex I already forgot my sense of habit in sleeping. Ok ok... I never really had that habit to actually sleep like most people sleeps considering my graveyard schedule at work and "bantay graph" schedule in the afternoon on weekdays that I still able to fight my sleepy head. 

Sometimes, I wish to have insomnia but it is just to be used as an excuse why I'm having circles around my eyes, pimples on my cheeks, achy back every now and then... I'm just so bad in taking care of myself so I'm hinting to you Lord a gift for me that instant formula to make me sleep and bloom at the same time! hihihihi please!!! 

9. Accomplish a project without rush. No time denying this absolute fact because I'm in a rush! 

10. Just DATE. Get to know someone whom I don't feel has the chance for me to date is pretty much a good start. And I just can't agree with what I just typed in. Really, dating freaks me out but I definitely have to date! You're asking if how difficult it is for me? I am simply not that confident with how I am when alone with a guy. I do think it requires some preparation like I need to be desperate enough to "just" date! It's awkward already so I wish to make it as casual as possible but making it casual seems like he just dated a bro and not a potential partner. So that's how I complicate my affairs! I need the other person's effort show to get to "accept" the awesomely weird specie that I am so I can loosen up and you know without thinking back and forth to just jump in! 

In love,
Miss Piggy ❤️

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