Sunday, July 6, 2014

To Jimboy.

To my only brother whom I can always count on for favors without asking something in return because in the family, I'm that person. ---.----\/ I'm writing to you this letter because I remembered the times you always give in because of my silly intentions. I'm teary eyed right now just so you know since I'm hardly there for you when i know you could have needed my help too. I'm sorry for the bad memories we had particularly the times I under estimated your abilities. The times I ignored your fever and didn't even care to give you food when you're in pain. Those times I abused my power as 11 months older than you that I even made your project with pictures smaller so to save money for the printing fee and my project to be well taken of because I'm the one using the pc rental back in grade school. I am very sorry for ruining your project. If I had known my selfish self before I could have corrected my bad habits since then. I'm feeling guilty just now. It took me 20 years to know my faults back in our home in San Felipe. I'm sorry for always doubting you. I admit I always been insecure because I was the least favorite kid so just to step up a little I've done such...

But everything is ok now between us. I am very lucky to have you as my little brother. You're a sensitive person who can cry at the touching stories and someone who crack jokes naturally. I am proud even that you really are an inspiration because of your consistency to show your care for family affairs and that's really some plus to your sincere character. Anyway, congratulations to your success at work. You just got promoted and we were all surprised by that aside from your American accent. May our good Lord keep blessing you all the time! And now that you have a family of your own, may you continue to be just as loving as you were to us to your wife and son, Jello.

Ate Misis is always here ready to back you up! I love you Jimboy! Let's make our parents feel more proud and blessed by the values and love for the things we already have. 

Your bad turned good sister,

Ate Misil. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Why need to suffer for love?

Why me?!? This has been my regretful question as I've come to realize I was completely fooled by love or whatever strange feeling that was. And so, before I continue I just think I have to say sorry for  what I'll be saying... I'm going to regret this for sure in the future but more of the petty side because I'll laugh about this soon. So there, I wish them good luck and hopefully I won't be seeing signs of them in our bldg. anymore! Like please just evaporate so I can live in peace again! They're just an eye sore and I'm not just saying this because I'm irritated by the thought they're two flirts flirting with each other and I just can't help not to be annoyed because just by the looks of it they are perfect earthlings binded by lustful intentions. Hooo~ I don't usually get irritated that easily but due to inevitable circumstances such this case then I'll just claim the right to be upset and be the bitter one in the story! Anyway, I will start not to care and decide  to move on... until signs of them won't be  a problem anymore. I'll leave them both behind my back that they can't even try to get near me ever! So bye and see me soon from a far when I give you a look behind my back. bwahahaha!

And this will be the last time I'll succumbed to your disgust! Pwe!