Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dad! Where Are We Going?

Probably the only show I watch  without fail these days is “Dad! Where Are We Going?" a reality show that takes celebrity dads and their kids on an overnight camping trip...with no moms.

Now on their Season2!!! 

I watch whenever I feel like I need some intervention which came to this realization, that even though kids still have a lot to learn, just observing them can teach us many practical life lessons. There's brilliance in their simplicity. 

1. Girls love skinship the most with their parents. They feel secured and loved whenever their next to them.
2. Whereas little boys find their dads the coolest when they're playing with them. And playing would mean involving droplets of sweat!
3. Given more chance, kids these days also enjoy the company of nature and playing on the streets
4. At their early age, care to listen to their random talks because they have depth too.
5. Just like in the eyes of many, PDA among parents can be a trivial thing to your kids. Make it discreet so you won't be one in their random topics among friends or in your family gatherings.
6. Reading them books before lights off is  a good habit. It is also a preparatory for their schooling.
7. Let them experience house chores and make it a practice so they can have sense of responsibilty in and out the four corners of your home.
8. Keep your cool yow parents and same goes to their siblings. There'll be momentary tantrums and you know it will just pass in minutes so don't utter a word you might regret. 
9. Not like before, in raising good and happy kids make use of positive gestures and affirmations. You will not only build good relationship, you'll also empower their self esteem. 
10. Say I LOVE YOU. 
11. Engage them to lessons during summer so you can achieve the kid's full potential.
12. It's just right to be grateful so PRAY with them before bed time.
13. Appreciate the little details in their childhood for it will be short and you'll surely miss the fun times. Awww~ 

Plus, parents who tease their kids about their crushes are real cool parents!!! Woohooo! Also now, I am more convinced that every lesson they repeatedly embedded in our brains and restrictions they set – that all served a purpose. I didn't know that when I was little (yes! It did happen!) that's why I am still positive about this world's future! 😎 We can raise happy and good kids like what our parents did.

I'm the stage noona! I tweet like crazy and do screencaps of their innocent and sincere gestures~ See for yourself and get smitten by these kids!

This is Actor Lee Jang Hyuk's son, Junsu. The 5 yr old kid whom you'll find surprising each time. Always smiling and happy neh adeul, Junsu yah! 

The new leader of Season2 kids, Yoon Hoo! He's tung-tungeh like that but he's such an angel with maturity and listens very well to his cool appa, singer Yoon Minsoo "oppa". haha

His singer dad teach him in a very conventional and effective way to memorize stuff. I want to copy this trick too when I have to teach my soon kids in their stage plays or assignments~ yeeee!!!

Here's Scholar Song Jun. He's the ideal son, oppa, hyung and son-in-law you'll wish to have! This kid is the responsible first born of veteran Actor Song Dong Il. And there's Song Bin the brave kid of Season2! You'll see her dad in the way she fools around. That's for sure! 

The link has a sub so non-koreans can also watch! (I highly recommend if you need a good laugh and a good time), you'll spot some differences/likeness from the 5 yr olds of today and the 5 yr old you back in the day~

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