Monday, March 24, 2014

Wrap Up!

Disclaimer: This has been my write up for my MBA grad and I did it too personal! When my mentor told me to write about my greatest failure and biggest learning I have written without a doubt my life's when it's supposed to be about the whole trading experience~ so I'm sharing just again one of the minor glitches that happened last March 22, 2014 on my grad day! Yey! I'm not actually excited. That's the truth why my hair down below is not looking so tidy and my dress I just bought it 40 minutes before coming late for that most awaited day again. But I really am honored graduating first in my batch! Yoohooo!!! Say Hello to me, the unexpectant graduate! 

Jerma Maezelle N. Ilarde

Occupation: Financial Specialist – State Street Bank HCL Services

I think mine was not graduating in college with laude when most of my friends are in the honor roll. Looking back, I could have done better memorizing stuff and of course not flanking College Algebra in my first semester as Accountancy major. My first year in college was pretty much the most dreadful experience in my life. Particularly after knowing that getting an F would mean no chance at all for honors in the most awaited graduation. I was just not happy with the course and back then I honestly just can’t keep up with expectations. What followed was a number of months of straight up confusion that almost snatched my scholarship along the way. And so the self-questioning was nonstop. What went wrong? What did I just do?

 Eventually I was able to take a step back and realize it’s just a matter of making smart choices. I’ve practiced to loosen up bit by bit and the first thing I did to get rid of the bad memory was to retake Algebra and shift to Business Engineering.  I just had a lot of explaining engagements then because of my first flunk in the history but not with friends since I was anxious enough that they’re all part of the “list” and in fear for them to find out that I was way behind. Making the story short, I received an A for my second take. I started to love again math and certain that it loved me back, I am proud to receive a perfect score in my Engineering Economy midterm exam for the whole batch (I’m sorry for being too specific but I can’t help not to feel the pride. LOL). And become a VP for two terms in our co-curricular org; I also happened to be an accidental football player and so I couldn’t trade my life to anyone without that flunk. I am blessed to experience such turning point early in life and I completely understood now why it has to be my greatest failure so far.

My greatest learning would be to give every undertaking a time. I’ve realized that “time” is what keeping me sane and that the benefit of a sudden dilemma is the ability to accept unwelcomed thoughts. Be it as routinely as I can’t have my lunch break on time because of loads of work and being the rational human being that we can be, I’ll choose to work and delay my cravings even that would mean I might not have the appetite later or no more break at all during the whole shift. The process prepared me to reach a mind-set which both my heart and mind approves and that still surprises me every time I choose to do what I have to do. Eventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion and think that everything happens for a reason. So whatever that worries me, I just give it time - for this too shall pass! 

...Ok! Enough with the mistake! Good thing I didn't do it while doing my thesis. Hoooo~~~ So this latter space, I give you my actual learnings... failures before my thesis got approved!

1. First, that when you decide to wait bear in mind that you're waiting for strats to be realized and not your pride to be satisfied. (wrote this in my journal last 02/11/14)

2. Stick to your strats! Modified strat3 most especially! 

3. Don't rush.

4. Sleep when you fon't feel like trading. Have a balanced life.

5. Don't depend on the people in the chatroom!!! Please calm down you people!!! 

6. Wag pa'pressure when they say you should be buying at this point when you still have a sell in place! Wooohhh~  

7. PRAY! I did follow the strats but it didn't go down the way I expect it to happen~ Thus, all you need is a good listener and at some point a miracle from Him.

8. It's ok not to trade daily or too often.

9. Trade on your free time and that's before going to sleep at around 6-10 am MNL time. I don't know! But I happened to get comfortable trading at these hours when they say it is unadvisable practice to take profit in the morning. 

10. Never stop learning! Always be at your best Zel!

11. And... Fear only Him because you already stepped in your best foot! 

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