Monday, March 10, 2014

Reason why I can do this.

Since I barely remember the times I paid you for my globe plan, I scanned our exchange of messages to check if I'm being a responsible debtor... And I'm not surprised that I'm not yet off the hook. Hahahayyy~ But here's to you who's always been there to lend me money... *I mean help. And as a mom, you've been riding so well with my insanity. Hehe 

In all my travels (be it silly and spontaneous as you always say or long planned as I described) you were not there physically at all times but you've always been present to make them all possible (for me to afford the luxury of getaway) iloveyou ma! pa! You never lose hope in me~ And of course thank you for the prayers, Lavander! Hehehe 😊👪

Forever indebted,

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