Monday, March 24, 2014

MBA Thesis Done!!!


I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday... and because I have the nicest people behind my back. 

Komawo Nysh and Ylda for the push to enroll last Jan 11 and for the every little detail in our chatroom. Hihihi And congratulations too!!! 

To my ever supportive friends Jocry, Michael, Ace, Dean, Jnx~ i'm no longer that busy making up for my sleepless weekdays! Kaya I'm in na on Sundays! 

To my Saturday (almost every other day) Morning Barkada, haaaayyyy you know I don't get much sleep during the day but since you always insist, I'm coming to take my shot! 

Thanks to Haidee for the hugs during my wins! Haha the underwater reflection helps! Sir Kent for being an understanding boss and for keeping my secret for 2wks! Lol! And Junjun for the entertainment that keeps me awake! Haha Goto Bulalo special for my two awesome officemates/Videoke buddies/Adobo Connection Seshmates and my last minute shopping buddies aka The Liz Uy and The Francis Libiran, Dan and Billy THANKYOU! Yesterday was crazy but we made history! Yow! 

To my mentors and batchmates, thanks for the challenge and inspiration! Cheers to more wins! 

To Mama and Papi, here it is! Yooohooo!!! I think I deserve some grad gift~ hahaha Ate Yen and Jimboy, isturyahan ko kamo sa April! 

And to you my forever available kausap anytime of the day, Lord I didn't expect it to be this early~ so from the bottom of my bungisngis heart, thank you!!! 😘

#JustGraduated #WithGreatPowerComesGreatResponsibility 😊

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