Monday, December 30, 2013

When I was away~

Hello!!! Or in my usual self, ANNYEONG HASEYO~

It’s been a long while without some of these little chit chat and I’m writing now because I’m getting close to being the person I can call “Best Self EVER.” Oh yeah! I’m totally satisfied with how I’ve been doing for the past three months of hiatus. And just to give you glimpse of what I’ve been busy about for the past months is that I’ve been completely bombarded with work! I was like a student for the most parts since we’ve been having quizzes and surprises everytime I get to encounter new info about the actual job. And to tell you with confidence, I’m doing well with my work and I’m feeling overwhelmed with questions I can now answer since the training began last two months. And that’s because of this cool friend I got to meet… 

Everyone he’s Pickles! He’s like me. I think we are the alter ego of each other in some weird way that I even cried a day before they leave for Toronto. Awwww he got a piece of me there huh?! Well anyway, I didn’t see any friendship the moment I saw him all cocky on the first two weeks of training but of course not until he’s like treating my work station as his second home. Hahahaha! He’s firing me questions I just came to know through our fishy eye contacts. Awww I miss our bullying! Thanks to this big guy I truly learned some good lessons! Merci~

Another thing was the total spirit lifting trip to Bangkok with my chingus’ Ylda and Nysh! I’ve pursued happiness instead of the first two days training with Pickles! Ahhaha I like to thank my bosses for that though I know on those days I am very much sure I’ll still choose to fly though there’s a chance for me getting NTE from the HR. But I said to myself, I just can’t say NO to this could be memories. And I got them all! Here’s a lot of selfies and fun stuff we had during our good all days in Thailand!

And I think this held *confusion (the way I think love is~) is a must share now that I’m simply getting away from falling in love.  Hay naku! I think I just got friendzoned there! Hahahahayyysss considering I got the answer sooner as I thought, seconds before the mass ended he replied the word I’ve been afraid of seeing now, even hearing!!! So let’s skip that part since I’m still in the process of accepting. But just to reminisce the moments I had I’ll give you the highlights of my could-be-love-life…

But my work hasn’t been saved even in auto recovery when my lappy shut down on its own earlier in the morning~ and so I find it tiring now to recall. I’m wounded and waiting for my tears to fall for my very first legit heartache but it’s not going down… so I don’t really know!!! I don’t want to know even! I hope he’s just matching off with my humor when he said, “Haha. Salamat kaibigan. (with an emoticon forcing a smile)”.

Choices will be made soon... I hope it will not be regretful.
Best self please cooperate~
So that’s it! The details will be revealed later! I don’t want to be bitter so settle down hormones and emotions it will not be ok in hurry~ So let’s see where this thing goes…  Wish me luck before this year ends! Baboo~

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