Saturday, October 5, 2013

Office Girl vs. Full-time FanGirl

A month ago, I was so pleased with the new work I got that prior joining the company I had the chance to spend my two weeks in Naga for vacation. I was able to unwind with peace since my worries about expenses and other things related will be answered by my soon passive income and new field to venture. In addition, I was even surprised with the position specified in my contract. It appears that I’m a Specialist and next post to mine is already TL which is beyond unexpected since I applied for an Analyst post. And so I can only find myself privileged and thankful.

But not until… my planned leaves for SS5 Manila concert and Bangkok trip were disapproved by my superior. While tears are forming around my eyes, I can only imagine my full payment for the concert ticket I made just this Tuesday and my pushed self to search through the variety of affordable hostels in Bangkok where we can have our accommodation booked and to start the itinerary for my first time flying with friends. Because of this, it never occurred to me that my two weeks’ vacation in Naga will be the last for this year. I can only self-pity at this state. It’s too ironic that it all just came to me now and that all of a sudden my thoughts were how to dispose my concert ticket and how should I contest my two day leave to my Manager or HR since they already know about it prior to the training period.

Seeing myself now, I don’t have control on things such these without sacrificing a bit of pride and supposed good memories. I for one believes that I can’t have everything I wishes but this isn’t IT right? Tell me this is not yet part of my “everything”???!!!

Then I was like “okay I haven’t done my two drug prescriptions yet!” But I just thought it would be cool if I can do both without feeling halfhearted by choosing what’s more right. 

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