Friday, October 11, 2013

My life in picture form.

Care to know why I suddenly flooded my timeline and in effect, include your feeds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Oh well, I had a cup of coffee again just like yesterday that whenever I do I need to find avenues to exude all my stored energy.  And these were the product of those nights…

Expression, NOT IMPRESSION! #DahilNakakamiss... ang Bora. hahahaha!

This was taken by a random waiter in La Carmela de Boracay last January of this year. With me are my two awesome former officemates, Zhie who’s now in Dubai herding camels and Joan who’s just been promoted and still the Cargo Planner that she is! Hahaha We love sarcasm in our perky world and that’s the very reason why I miss these girls along with my other lunch mates in the 17th.

About the caption, that’s who we are in real life! We live for our own satisfaction and not your sugar coated type of girls! Who says Bora is something to prepare your body for when actually it’s really cold especially while walking along the seashore at night!!! HAHAHAHA! I love how outgoing and comfortable we are in our best clothes on the cold sands of Boracay~ Welcome 2013! 
Fear but DO IT ANYWAY! Papi~ ate~, atapang a'tao hindi a'takbo! #FlashbackFriday
This picture was when we’re in HK Disneyland at the momentum of the Space Shuttle 3D ride. That’s me beside my Ate Yen with her mouth open shocked screen cap and fun loving father, Papi who doesn’t seem afraid rather relaxed at the back.
Our Papi tends to challenge us to try and speak our minds whenever possible. He taught me that Alphabet should not be sang or else you’ll end up memorizing it without much thought or sincerity (oh!) and so he will give me that stern look whenever I do some singing. Hahahaha!

And for that reason, whenever we had our family dinner or scheduled meeting we always exercise that open conversation. My sister is now on her first year in Law School and though I know she’s quite afraid with the toxic case studies, she’ll make it for sure! My brother who’s not in the picture is also quite of a debater and some smooth talker. So whenever I feel the pressure or fear, I just keep in mind the teachings of my parents and the art of letting go if I happened to deliver with just half of what I really can. Just do it anyways!  

The reason why I'm alone is because YOU were there... taking the picture. #Boom!#PalusotNo1 #flashbackfriday

You know I’m a Fan Fiction noble prize winner right?!? Hahaha! This was taken while we’re on a raft on our way to Tarzan’s tree house in HK Disneyland. And to feed the loneliness, I deliberately posed a pitiful look while my backgrounds were in action. The couple on the left caught kissing. Opposite them is the girl who’s making the first move to her boy, look at what she’s grabbing!!! 

Going steamy huh?! Aigoo! Yeobo pallyi! Let’s show them PDA 2.0! Puahahah! 

nASA man: Will you marry me?
Ako: Enebe! Saka na pag may dumaan na shooting star!
#WalangTulakKabigin #GotToBelieve #KathNiel #OnCue

This was taken last year on our Family Day in Enchanted Kingdom. My sister took this picture with the Astronaut who came for a mission. Hahahaha

And so I wasn't that alone after all! There were couple of thrills in this life we called, romance. Wooooohhhh!!! Goosebumps on the rise! 

There's no aray-aray when you're having your picture taken. Hana~ Tul~ Set! Kimchi~ #DislocatedJoints #Futsal #Chingus #flashbackfriday

I used to play Futsal as a sport during my college days in Ateneo. And that was the product of playing well! Yay! It happened on our last game for a runner up place during our intramurals and though I felt the pain for having my joints dislocated it was more of the prestige than the pain it caused me. Buahahhaha! 

My arm was bandaged and we won 3rd place! With me are my playmates and good friends, Dhet and Ylda in our koryan poses this was shot at the back of the open showers of the court where football guys are you know~ hahahaha! Keep that as a secret! Otherwise!!!! Hmp! 😏

Told yah! YOU WILL NEVER SEE IT COMING!!! #Pranks And now, you're starting to think of something similar. #MindBlown

The caffeine intake is now about to subside so a swift change must occur at this rate.

Being the loving person that I am, the photo really is about love that maybe present already in front of our very eyes but we at most times missed to notice. And that caption is just for distraction purposes to lower down those expectations. It's just me that it seems like a prank on my second look that's why I'm being indifferent with what's actually in it. 👽 

And that ends my thoughts about my existence and alienation on this Flashback Friday.

Good night my dear Aliens!!!

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