Saturday, October 26, 2013

Give it time.

Hiiiiiiiii! It’s Saturday morning so… why am I writing??? HAHAHAHA

The perky employee. Nyahahaha 
I just arrived all the way from work on a grave yard shift. So technically this is my evening and that gives you the idea that I’m supposed to be tired and sleepy but I’M NOT! Well, not today because my most awaited weekend is running so like the old times, I’m awake and keeping myself busy.

I’m not really sure with the reason why I’m really this hyper so I came up with a very spontaneous list.

Disclaimer: It all just came to me now that…

First, I’m getting used with the shift I’m in like, I’m still sleeping during lunch breaks every chance I can get. But it’s more of finding me enjoying the 8 hours and more sleep. Woah! This isn’t me whom we’re talking about right?!? Hahaha Mama and Papa will be happy knowing that I’m sleeping now. ^^* 
CASH/FX Team with Trainers' Shiela, Kristen
 Jeff and Simona. 

Teams' Manual and Cash/FX with Berns~ ^^* #cows
Second, I am now friends with my officemates! Contrary to my first 4 weeks stay in the company, I used to take myself out for lunch and just randomly hang out with sets of officemates during breaks without much breaking off my wall. I, myself is surprised by this progress because at first I don’t get the feel of working at night plus the pressure in my position so I tend to appear aloof and in effect, no sense of attachment. I also have plans of moving out in no time so I thought it would be just fine to keep myself in this mindset but true colors can’t really be denied. And I still got that bully side in me and the random-happy-for-no-reason-person that I am. Yiheee!!! 

Third would be for the reason that I appreciate the team I belonged. Team CASH/FX is where all of us have our own crazy and awesome sides. The process complements with how difficult the first 2 weeks of training and adjustments we had to unleash this satisfaction we shared now that we’re feeling comfortable with almost everything. 

Fourth is my reversed perception about my superior now that I come to get to know him. He’s not the hateful boss I 
Team Cash/FX!
professed he is during the time he disapproved my upcoming leaves for the SS5 and Bangkok trip this November because of the conflict of training schedules which I definitely understood now because it is really a mass of pressure for him as the team leader. He is actually funny and someone who works with diligence! I can totally relate with how he express himself because he’s not faking it. Yey to Sir Kent aka Damulag! Hahaha

On the 24th, I still followed my usual rituals before
going to concerts, to have my nails polished.
I let it painted with Sapphire blue!
SuJu will always be my first love boy-group!

Fifth is that successfully sold my SS5 ticket. I almost cried and gone mad the first time I heard that I can’t take my leave since we’ll have two assessment exams on the same day. And so I was pushed to sell it asap and God worked his wonders as always since an Indonesian ELF read my tweet and so I got my money back! Special thanks to the people who retweeted my advertisement online and of course Vicka chingu all the way from Indonesia! 


Lastly, I realized that on these things, time is what keeps you sane. The benefit of the sudden dilemma is the ability to accept unwelcomed thoughts. The process prepared me to reach a mindset which both my heart and mind approves. So whatever that worries you right now, just give it time. 

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