Sunday, September 15, 2013

Spider Man vs. Peter Pan.

September welcomed me with a new job. The almost 3 week’s unemployment vanished just like that after I signed my contract with a U.S. based financial services and holding company. I’m a Financial Analyst now and loving to hear how it sounds since I challenged myself to get the job. I studied stocks, bonds, derivative operations, and Forex to make it happen. I almost thought I’ll have my first nose bleed while studying since it’s been so long to get the feel of a hardworking student. Believe me, there’s something like that. It wasn’t unplanned but certainly unexpected of me since I’m not a graduate of Finance or Accountancy but I can’t hide the feeling of pride for trying. Yiheee…

On the second week, my older sister breaks the news that she is an expectant mother for six weeks now. She’s finally having her first born after ten months of marriage. And I’m the happy "Tita Pitchel” again.

Plus the night before I left Naga we had our usual family meeting dinner about plans in the future and business ventures that we’ve all agree there and then. All I can say is that I couldn’t ask for a better family than I have. I’ve been blessed with a dream team to keep me grounded all the while. 

And seeing how things are falling into place makes it uneasy to swallow. The pressure is starting to pile and I’m still the happy go lucky in my bed. Spiderman once said, with great power comes great responsibility. Another quote I can remember which is somewhat similar to this is my high school teacher’s catchy phrase after every lesson, to whom much is given much is expected. I don’t know what’s with them that they love to pressure others with these impactful lines but I do know how to be thankful and somehow make good use of it by means of act of kindness and maintaining good relationships. But is it just me who thinks of ways to give back by pursuing bigger roles in life? Take for example my thoughts about Law school or enrolling myself in Forex classes. I can be of better use if I’m a Public Attorney or a Pro Trader who educates people how to expand their savings. With regard to personal life, for once get serious with entertaining future partner in life or going back to Naga to establish my own business and stood on my own. My generous parents’ are always behind me and even giving me options to take to better my life and I’m just the hesitant-me who’s always in her spur of moment side of the world and who has her way of procrastinating and thinking differently to get away with the pressure. Do you get me? I’m that hard to break in because I always go with what’s comfortable and whenever I challenge myself it appears to be just a baby step after another as I see it now that I’m 23.
A month ago I tweeted, I don’t care if I’m not meeting expectations or trying to fit in. I refrain not to compare since I love our differences.

I guess self-awareness now happens not only on Valentines Day. Not-so-long-ago-friends would say to me to stay as the person that I am and normally it feels good to hear but in my head what exactly do you mean by that?

And it concludes everything that’s been told, I'm still lost in my life. Recently I read an article about Peter Pan generation, which is the generation that refuses to grow up. I think I'm one of them. 

Oooh... goosebumps.

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