Thursday, August 1, 2013


[Disclaimer: This is a jury trial. And I’m serious.]

Officer: All Rise.

Judge: This is case number 84C01-0703-JD-00569, in the matter of Jerma Maezelle Ilarde, who’s indecisive about her future. Present in the court room are the defendant and her attorney, the deputy prosecutor, the probation officer and the grand jury. Ms. Ilarde, how do you plead?

Defendant: Not guilty your Honor.

[Once heard the Judge will allow the defendant's side to present their side of case and evidence will be presented by the deputy prosecutor.]

Defendant: I’m still in the course of arguing with my thoughts so like how my lawyer presented the case; I regret to claim that I’m indecisive with my plans in life. If you’ll dig in further how I happen to survive life without a long term goal then you might think that I’m just being silly if you’ll hear me say that I want to become a Public Attorney or a Prosecutor someday. 

Prosecutor: Again, she’s indecisive!

Lawyer: She’s in the process of cross examination your Honor hence, it’s her right to make a point.

Judge: Sustained.

Defendant: I know it’s unfair to those who have dream of it since their elementary days but it just came to me now and find it doable. As someone who struggles in memorizing, this idea sounds lame. And I do know that Law school is not something just to try out since it's a financial commitment and you'll dive in the material before classes begin. But you may probably have no idea how uneasy it can be to pursue a dream you just dreamed of days ago for the reason that I’m the mediocre type you know and who apparently clueless of what her dream job is. And so when I say I'm going to do something it takes some of the motivation out of it. I absolutely noticed this. There is a difference between asking someone for help to achieve a goal (you are motivated from within) and saying something out loud. I need a quiet mind to actually do the work and I sometimes find that talking about it is almost a way to procrastinate. Of course Law School is way on top of my agenda now since I have issues to deal with before being bombarded with laws I’ll soon be injecting in my whole self. Factors that should be settled like a job that can’t be brought home so my thoughts will be on the goal; a side-line to finance my wants like you know, my k-pop duties and fangirling responsibilities and a motivated Law student who can see the title Atty. as prefix to her name. 

So I think there is a flaw in this line of thought that I’m asking your consensus in my decision where I’m the sole master of my ship. Some goals - many goals - require the support of others. Without this support, when it gets tough, there is no one to remind you of your goals and what you had said at the start. I've tried it both ways (to announce my goals and to keep it to myself till it’s been accomplished) and the results are inconclusive, as it depends on the goal, my ability, and the surrounding friends and family.

Judge: On this, I find you guilty as charged. I hereby charge you with the attempted murder of the younger generations’ dreams. You will not reach a make or break decision if you've focused yourself with a field you should have thought of way back your school days. But don't worry about what real judges’ say, just say to your battling brain “order in court” in a stern voice and hit your hammer on the desk. Then resume your step by step plans and if you still happen to pursue this line of work then please be a good lawyer and have the conviction that you can. Case dismissed!