Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Everything Exploded!!! |-.-|

I always believed in the saying, “You can't go back to the past just because it's familiar”. And so I once again made the right decision at the right time! I pursued watching LEE MIN HO’s 3rd GLOBAL TOUR My Everything Concert at a very reasonable price. Got my ticket for free from a promo, a minimum single receipt purchase of any BENCH/ products, assures you of a corporate seat in the MOA Arena, baby~ isn’t that sulit???

What can we say about that? Plain white shirt, spandex
pajama (dunno!), slippers with shades on and
HE'S LEE MIN HO, yeoribeon!
Everyone seems so excited again… Some even put their best dress on and make-up that before time ticks to 8pm, foundation just keeps on pilling on… Guilty as charged by the author herself. And it’s not a Kpop thing without the screams you’ll hear whenever a random car just passed by along the mass of excited dudes and gals. Yes, there were notable dudes from all ages. One even got a chance of winning gifts from LMH, himself but good gracious he refused to claim it. Harabuji (Grandfather) must be shy for reasons we’re all aware of. The winners were only to be found seated either on the Patron or the VIP seats. Lucky? Anee… (Bitter-me!) And of course I can only wish to get close with him for a minute or two as I say my message to him… the hug and then high five. And the huggggssss again… and a mental break down just by the thought of an eye contact. 

The last time he was in the Philippines, Min Ho tried the local Pinoy dish, adobo. He tried another one this time around.
“I ate kare-kare last night,” Min Ho told the crowd in English. As for his favorite Filipino food, Min Ho reveals that he likes fishballs.

Another must tell experience was the moment this helpful unnie, Sam Oh remind us all to greet the now performer, Lee Min Ho a belated Happy Birthday last June 22 same with Idol singer-actor, Yonghwa. Good looking men really do know when to come out right? And as told we sang him the Birthday song in Korean! Assa! I felt every words I uttered there! Really haengboke to see your eye smile as we finished it in chorus! *Clap *Clap *Clap 

And talking about this oppa makes me gone mad again; I haven’t sleep yet after the concert just so you know. His songs were on repeat for 6-7 hours now and though there are signs of me sleeping soon I just battled it with #LoveMotion flashbacks in my head! All his songs are actually well tailored with his voice. I’m impressed even with his high notes in #MyEverything plus the effort to sway his hips from left to right, front and back. Waaahhhh!!! Big thanks to my handy telescope I got a close up look seeing him through it as he bites his lips, move up and down his sexy Adam’s apple and of course that butt dancing was a total distress that though I’ve already anticipated that happening  he did it shyly and soooooo my ovaries exploded! Lols. 
"After that butt dance... my love-motion leads me to my-everything, ‎#LeeMinHOT!!! Oppa, without-you... my fan fic in mind can only be one of those pieces-of-love flowing in the stream of consciousness. A place where you-and-i can create possibilities. Perhaps a little-princess?..." Nyahahah! Mian. na'harass na naman kita! Sa uulitin City Hunter! ‎#Setlist ‎#MrsLee (Mrs.Kim on leave) ‎
Popo juseyo~ Oppa~ hope you enjoyed the Saenghil Chuka Hamnida song as much as I did! I love you till whenever as long as you're  always single! (thick-face-here!) And by the way, I'm that girl with the light-stick!!! And screamed the loudest! bwahahahahha ‎#StayShamelessJerma

Such a sweet guy that he even brought Monsterz, a boy group dancing and singing like Big Bang with that member who looks fine in his polo left unbuttoned and voice that resembles Kiko Matsing, I mean somewhat close to TOP. Woah! Chua! My telescope once again proves its purpose! Nyahahha! 

Now an official Minoz!
On top of everything he has offered, I am glad he tried singing and dancing in the first place because HE DEFINITELY CAN! Something that is unexpected from an actor. I like to believe he isn't afraid to gamble on things he’s not made to become. I like that attitude from a nampyeon-to-be! Eh?! Hahhaha (Again, my barging personal preferences.) What I meant was LEE MIN HO is such a SURPRISE! 

Noh, nomu-nomu daebak/mashta/gwapo Oppa!!! May you tweetply jebal~ whenever I mention you in twitter! Hihihi Saranghae! 

*All credit goes to rightful owners. #MyEverythingConcert #WelcomeBackLeeMinHo

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