Sunday, July 21, 2013

Justifying reasons why.

I'm not a slave of money!!!
(my mantra)
Being spontaneous helps when I feel like giving up on something, when uncontrollable consequences  happens, when “I don’t know” is already at the tip of my tongue… Having this character helped me to relax in these situations. It doesn't give me the exact solution but it never fails to make me feel good about what I just did. I want to call it also yielding to God’s plan and purpose and I know it sounds so “Christianist” so there being spontaneous is an incredible trait I wish to practice till whenever. And so I booked a flight to Singapore, SS5 this October, I’ll be travelling to Bangkok this November and I’ll be investing in a multi-level marketing very soon…

Snap! I have bills to pay though.
KIM HYUN JOONG my love, wait for me
to get a job before you leave for the army!!!
But here’s the catch…  I just resigned from work and got my last pay. It will be a month or two to receive my back pay from my company and I’m still on a look of a better job since for two times now I’ve refused to take a job that could possibly be an escape to this dip. And so I don’t have the money to pay for my ticket fare in SG, purchased using a friend of a friend’s credit card as well as the concert ticket for my much awaited first-love-boy-group, Super Junior. Hooo! Bangkok is about 4 months from now and I don’t have my pocket money prepared for it and the baht to settle my share in a hostel we must book; investment is a must do as well for the timing is now to make an investment and live a life apart from K-pop or else I won’t grow up. TT.TT IKR! I’m too immersed with my dilemma that concerns the root of all evil, moneyyy!!! 

Most of these were actually well thought. I mean it like I am convinced by my own conviction to pursue my already been a year decision to leave my job but without much thought of what will it make me after. I’m doomed! My spontaneous side has its share on this reality. But lucky me that I am spontaneous. I'm again relaxed by the thought that I am. I'm grateful that this and that are pushing me to my limits . Yes, I may be almost broke but at least now I have nothing much to lose. ~|-.-|~ C'mon cheer me up, micLtoe! 

Thanks to for the well app doodles. 

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