Thursday, August 1, 2013

I love my dramas!

"Whenever I decide, I go with the side that I think is right,
even that is only 1% higher." - Atty. Cha

While I was watching the series I Hear Your Voice a realization hits me hard. Enough to pause my streaming video. I was so hooked that I've been thinking again to be a lawyer whom I have thought of for the first time when I once watched the series Partner also a Korean drama. Ridiculous but true. 

“Whether I succeed or fail is up to the heavens…
all I have to do is do my best… don’t you think?”
– Tak Gu
And let me tell you, this wasn't the first time I've thought of switching a career path. When I was a huge fan of The Baker King, Kim Tak Goo you know what I want to become. When “Grey’s Anatomy” was being aired I suddenly want to bring back my grade’s school dream to become a Surgeon. And the series Brain lifted my hopes to become one since I found then that the main logic of brain tumor operation is to clip off that aneurysm to prevent blood flow. You just need a lot of tissue to do that. Apparently, I can’t be a doctor for my medical history says no and though my career just had been cut down I still like to believe that God’s plan is way better for me. 

“Wings, I should need them some day, but it’s not now.
I will use my own power to pursue
and find my own wings.” – Kang Hoon
“I love you more.” - Gil Ro
Still I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration since becoming a baker can just be a hobby in the kitchen and being a lawyer is for those who can memorize so well and I’m not the right person for that. I watched Lie To Me and Level Seven Civil Servant which made me thought of becoming the most transparent public servant. The urge even reached of aiming to be like CityHunter as a matter of fact.

“When I’m having trouble, I think of these words:
Do not fear a shadow, for it means light is nearby.” - Young Ju
I can be so immersed with what I’m watching that my career path is on the line. But I know for sure that this too shall pass like I can’t be a lawyer or a baker if I didn't even enrolled myself into Law school or even open the oven. Since those who really wanted to pursue their dreams is not in front of a computer or a smart phone whose occupied with a list of dramas and variety shows to watch. I felt guilty after typing it now really. I know something is not right when you get easily swayed with the trend or the way I perceive the world romantically. Way to go Zelle!

“She is sloppy, careless, and has many flaws here and there,
but she is so honest and innocent like she‘s still a kid.” – Ki Joon

Credit goes to rightful owners. Kansahamnida!

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