Sunday, July 14, 2013

I can't forget your LOVE.

Got teary eyed with this hand written love letter from 2PM. 
It’s already been four months after I parted ways with the men who made me feel so loved. At first I’m seriously a VIP. And after they made me feel this love sick ohhh boy, all I can say is… “I’m also just a girl screaming and cheering my heart out in front a boy asking him to love her.” And even before I say those lines, they already proposed. It was the ONLY YOU song that made me squeal my YES! The scream, the non-stop spazzing of the hottest crowd became a unison of awe for their sincere way of touching the hearts of their fans. Ahhh... chincha!

The video presented prior to the "special event" was done specifically to Hottest PH (fair enough, specific to all countries they visit). Though it's sad that the concert hall was not full yet they've come prepared with their homework and wow us some more that made everyone an anticipating fans for their comeback. 

And so allow me to reminisce that...

"I'm in love."
This scenario is not new to me at all same with friends who happened to notice that I just been out for a concert few minutes ago. But hey! It's been a week, four days and approximately 9 hours (get over with my drama!) after it ended but all I can do is to be distracted by flashing scenes from the hottest ever seen (green!) concert, shirtless and sexy pelvic thrust dance moves of these alpha males! Huhuhaha! Aigoo! Arra... I plead guilty, harassment it is!

Like any other concert act, it all started with the boys on their way up from an elevator like stage. From my upperbox seat, about 35 degree angle from where they're standing, sooo manly and just like how I felt on screen, they're no doubt The hailed Hottest!!! hmmnnn... yum! yum! yum!!! Deliciouso! ^^
Going back before the spazzing rises, the moment the stage is in placed I already get to notice this person whom I'm so lured nowadays. Chansung's notable sideburn (patilya in tag/spanish) made me feel like the total perv of the east! chincharoo~ Awww That very moment I had experienced confidence of any fan girl can possibly feel when you knew very well your bias... hihihihi that in one glance I can see who's who on stage. Nyahaha! Though I felt bad that there were empty spaces all over the arena but we managed to keep up and tried to occupy souls of 2 to 3 screaming fan girls in us. It was crazy I must say. But, note we're not yet the uber fan back there until.(dramatic ellipsis...)

Ok. Time to scroll down!!!

Until Chansung and the rest of the boys sang, rapped and danced through their solo stage performances...  

Chansung, babyker summoned us to screamed non stop as he moves his hips! Woah! He's not the Private Gong Do Ha I've come to know and adore in 7th Grade Civil Servant drama!!! He is a different person on stage like he barely wore clothes! I'm concerned. He might get sick because of that. (grin*) 
Well anyway my eyes were fixed. It's him where my eyes is on standby. When he did his encore acappella singing of Love You Down I almost ran into him to cover his lips with mine~ Ooops! That was just a thought in my head which shouldn't came out. He's not that very pitch perfect but no way I'll change my *best bias in the group just for that minor incident. hehe~ 

Junho's POV: It's weird up there~ (upperbox)

Junho... He really is a full packaged underrated performer. He does what everybody does that made him look like the average type but good thing is that HE'S GIVEN EMPHASIS on their comeback album that just came out. Yey! 
Just hold that pose Taecyon oppa!
I love my clothes the way I adore you.

Notice Taec's speaking voice? I think whenever a word comes out from his mouth it feels like the arena turned into a room in an instant because it's his bedroom voice I hear! Boom! 

The baby face that can actually be mistaken as the youngest, Nickun-shi. His English is effortless and I felt his sincerity with his gestures especially when he bowed to the audience in a 90 degree angle. T.T

Why not???

Wooyong~ He is cute. No doubt he has a lot of cheerers among the crowd, he is as lovable like that.
Oh c'mon I need a hug!!!

Jun K, a year ago you were still Junsu. Kekeke~ The notable voice of 2PM. He shines as he sings his parts. Sekssi~ 

One last thought... wahhhhh!!!

NOW abducted. And I need no help!!!

And so with 2PM they don’t do one-sided-love, it’s a two-way thing and they exactly know what we wanted and how it’s done. They've connected so well with their audience that I felt right there and then that we just had our 3 hour love line. Yeeee... Forgive me but, we just flirted with each other! Hahahaha!  Best effort guys! I don’t have to be lean, in make-up (though the majority had) because as always WE ARE THE HOTTEST!!! No more talks. Mianeh... Cause I CAN'T FORGET YOUR love~ mwah!

All credit goes to rightful owners. Kansahamnida! 

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