Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Procedure...

After this you'll be excited to regard and call me a PRO, I mean it folks. (quick fierce look on me right there!) Well, we can't deny the fact that I'm random but there's always this need to be fulfilled once in a while and to my surprise I just undergone a DIY bubble hair color! Yeah~

And so I happened to be loyal once again to Etude House! Bought this for 274 Php since I've used my accumulated 104 points in my membership card so technically it's being sold for 378 Php. 

What's in the box is a 50ml pump bottle containing the oxidizer liquid, a 30mL pack of hair coloring, a 10 mL sachet of the Silky Perfumed Treatment, and a packet containing a plastic cape, a pair of gloves, and an instructional guide which is very user friendly if you're a Korean! Thanks to the pictures i get to follow the steps~

Aside from it promises to attain this hair color is that it's a complete set of what you'll need in a DIY challenge. Like for example if I bought Revlon or Loreal I might gave up easily because of the trouble buying the hair cups and all and it will be so expensive i tell you. 

Why i chose Dark Brown? Simple. There were only 3 stocks of colors left in Megamall branch last night and it is way better than Deep Black and that Orangey color. And I just think Papi (Tso Jerry) will be happy at last with my hair since he doesn't like how I looked in my sister's wedding... Sad story. haha!

How it's done: 

1. Empty the contents of the hair coloring pack onto the white pump bottle. Make sure to put the cap (with the stopper) back on tightly.
2. Do not shake the bottle vigorously! Tilting the bottle sideways a couple of times will do and when it's kinda warm, it's ready.

3. Remove the stopper, and you can now start pumping out the foam.
4. Apply the foam on your hair from roots to tips, just like shampooing it, making sure to cover all of it.
5. I gathered my hair at the top of my head and let the formula sit for 1 hour, while the box instructions said 20-30 minutes. It's up to you but not for more than an hour though.
6. After some pervstalking and random browsing, time to wash my hair. It was very, very rough and thick -- but using the Silky Perfumed Treatment made my hair soft and smooth, just like magic!

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