Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What we had was the best!

God knows finding you was not in my plan. I just accompanied a friend that day and there in the crowd your beauty shines. You're actually not that good looking and not worth it says that friend but when I tried to get close to you I felt that something is with you... Perhaps your warmth. I could not tell if I loved you the first time I saw you, or if it was the second... Because just then I started seeing you far and enough close; moments before and after work. 

I got so infatuated so I've tried diverting my attention to see your likes from others of your league the simple, classy, tidy looking type but it is most probably your warmth that made me so hooked up. If it's just me, I won't let you be near with other women but of course you know my standards I'm not as impulsive as you think I am. So I've counted several nights... waiting for that perfect time. The time I can just ignore the guilt for pursuing you. Lucky enough you were still there and waited till the moment I came and claim you're mine.

One thing I can't forget was the first time I walked with you to the office when my teamates first saw us together their reactions were in unison of surprised and mesmerized. Like they already knew your price without an ask. And that we fit each other so well in just a glance. It was like we were meant to be since your day 1.

Spending a year with you wasn't an easy task. For countless times we had our cool offs too. I thought the balance you've given me is fine enough but just like any other relationships we had to entertain and fulfill those earthly things that are inevitable to ones' life. You have suffered from damages that I for one can't even cure so I need you to put to rest and waited till you get back to your usual self. And so I've been close with a well protected one and so you're left with no choice but to stay behind. I've missed you really. For me what we had was more realistic. You took me places I can be more lady like. Thanks to you I fitted well with my friends' height since with you I'd never felt insecure. Not at all.

But like any stories that has beginnings its complemented with endings we all are afraid of. Sad to say but you are no good to me now. I just realized this morning that you're indeed still hurt from last time. Sorry if I didn't had the chance to save you and notice you but I think it will be best to be with you for the last time. I don't want to see you falling off from where I stand but I like to be with you no matter what. Our last stroll together to work and to where I first saw you, in CLN.

Indeed this is insane because that friend I accompanied last time to buy his mom a pair of shoes hanged out with you too for our last date. I wasn't planning of buying new sandals to replace you but this friend urged me somehow but he didn't succeed since I said to him firmly... this will be our last so let us be. And so I sent him away. hahaha! A walk with you until we reached home is a gamble to begin with but I must say having you is all worth

You made me look so 5'2" when I step on you. You've given me confidence a grown up lady should have without making me seem like trying hard. I am in bitterness now for loosing a dependable foundation that you are but I wish to meet someone like you, sandals ko~.~Thank you and I'll miss you big time! Bye-bye. You've served your purpose and it's enough for me now. Still, what we had was the best! 

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