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Suplaida Magtalas and Miggy Montemonyo in "It Takes A Man And A Woman"

DISCLAIMER: Contains sum of spoilers so if you haven't watched yet please refrain from scrolling down for this will be the most detailed review ever! nyahahah!!! (easy-easy!!!)

This has been my most awaited movie since You Changed My Life. Nyak! Well obviously it is since I'm a vocal Ashlloyd fan the moment I've seen more of them as a love team team for the first pairing in Maalaala Mo Kaya which followed by the root of this now blockbuster third movie installment, A Very Special Love. 

I'm an excited fan so for a day until I watched the movie itself I've kept a fair distance with twitter and facebook updates so no chance for me to be spoiled. I even threatened my friends in fb that if they spilled the beans too soon ahhhh I'll definitely hurt them. Hehe I'm becoming Laida, fiercer, bolder and addik??? (See for yourself!)

I've decided to watch the movie last April fool's day with my parents as my usual dating buddies and with my sister, Ate Yen and HS friend, Joecris. Before that I must share that we had our nails done which has been my habit prior to every concerts/big events I attended. I don't know why but I guess my nails directs me to good places always so I need to keep them pampered at least. And so the day to be fooled has come, It's Laida and Miggy in a 360 degrees turn out of events after they've been apart for years.

Meet Laida Magtalas Version 2.0!

The girl who won the heart of Miggy thru her sun dance, power hug is now a talitalinuhang high end Editorial Coordinator in New York at nagbabalik as Consultant (slash/) / Editor-in-Cheif/Tapang-tapangang Ex-Girlfriend in Flippage. The story tells how she ended up like that. Everybody would say she's living the dream that's why waking up is such a big blow to her. But like any girls who experienced having their hearts broken, she stood up with her heels on and deliver in her American twang to let us know she's perfectly fine. Or is she just making a show? 

"Trust? BIG word."

"Na'late lang ako tapos tinapon mo lang lahat." 

"Pag'blooming in love agad? Pwede ba munang nasaktan noon, iniwan noon, umasa noon at naka move-on na ngayon?"

"Mauna na ko maligo pagkatapos ko ako naman... "

"Ako na lang kakausap sa knya, kasi sayang ang brain cells mo"

"I love you... Noon at ngayon. Pati in between."

Miggy in his most devastated state...

The boy who at first scared to fall in love because if he did he's afraid he can't manage to give his all since like the John Lloyd I know hes still not whole. (hmnnn... linking it to reality talaga?!) Miggy becomes the leather jacket boy not like the "Sir" way way back but the person who's been through ups and downs because of his faults. And so he needed her by his side but like the luck he had with his business affairs his timing in love isn't working for him too so the story started with a clash of egos. 

"As long as I have you I know I'm a good person."

"5 years , gentle? #honeymoon

Belle in action.

So there came an ex-girlfriend named Belle, willing to be there in Laida's replacement when the real gf is in faraway New York. As everybody thought that whoever breaks the "Bebe Ko" love story will always end up to be the contra-bida. Maybe she is but she has her own story to tell... she has the reasons why. And she's undeniably sexy and thick face just to add. nyahaha! Just expect the battle of the exes.

"Now, you're my one that got away... and I'm just a girl you chose to let go."

Remember Zoila and Friends?

Supporting casts had their fair share in the scenes that whenever they're out you'll just find yourself waiting for their big and sudden reactions. Especially John Rae's lines. They were catching! Big Bird!

Miggy Montemonyo! ^^
"Tara guys taguan tayo. Taguan ng feelings. 

"Big Bird." 

"It's more selos in the Philippines."

Laida : kailangan may mata.para makuha ang soul nila... Tulad ng kay Miggy!... Mata ni John Rae, Vincent...
*sa cr,nakatitig si miggy sa salamin*
John Rae : ano yun sir? (tumingin) ayy, kala namin tinatawag kami ng mata mo eh.

Kuya Arth, the bridge.

As a reversal to what he has portrayed in the last two movies Kuya Arth is not anymore the ever kj that he is. He even picked Laida to be back in Flippage to save their in critical state company and I like to believe he knows what's best for his brother, Miggy. Nice one Arthuro! 

"Sa kagustuhan nating maging pinakamagaling na kakalimutan natin maging mabuti." - Luis Montenegro

Mr. and Mrs. Magtalas and family.

In a two years look back there will always be mishaps. We thought the movie will just center in the main leads but this has proven one thing we already forgot to believed in, every movie makers inspiration are real life experiences still. My dad for one can see himself in the character of Laida's tatay in the story when Laida is crying in her room then his father readily fixed the plug of the electric fan to at least comfort her daughter while she cries. Laida is hurting even more since what Miggy has done to him has been done as well to her by her own father. And that's the story! Screw you "Other Women'! 

"Piliin mong magpatawad. Piliin mong magmahal. Love is a choice. Ganoon din and pagpapatawad."

Awwww moment...

When Laida cried with no dialogue to express her pain as Miggy sang the Kailan in videoke along with Zoila and friends. I believe she's an underrated actress! I think people in the business are just afraid to admit it because she's a triple threat to begin with. nyahahah! Dooms day!

I cried when...

The people in NAIA had their moments singing "Kailan" especially when you know who's behind it. When Miggy proposed as if he is applying for a "husband" vacancy is as if a real thing to me. 

I cried even harder when...

Miggy is in his tears as he waits while Laida is walking on the aisle. Did I just witness a wedding for good?!??? (Please save them Lord for each other in the near future!)

Parting words...

I'm not just impressed with the movie itself but also for the characters whom I've come to know for years now. They were such a good vibes no matter how I remind myself of their real score in real life. We have come to witness a story of two different individuals who chose to fall in love regardless of that differences. But like any story we don't know of how to explain the truth behind we say, "everything happens for a reason". So when they parted it is for a greater cause and that's how it's been justified by the movie that Laida and Miggy is not just your ordinary Cinderella story.


Wedding Vows:

Laida: "Noon,pinangarap ko lang mahalin ang isang Miggy Montenegro. Ngayon, nagpapasalamat ako dahil hindi na ako naghintay pa ng matagal para matupad pa ang pangarap ko na yon. Hindi naging madali ang lovestory natin. Ilang beses din akong napagod at sumuko. Matagal bago ko naintindihan na walang instant Happy Ending and then i realized that i failed to understand the true meaning of Unconditional Love. A Love that i always thought a perfectly happy for you. :)

Patawarin mo sana ako sa mga oras na sumuko ako. Ganun pala pag nag mahal ka ng totoo kasama lahat ng maganda, ng pangit, ng malungkot, ng masakit. Ngayon kaharap mo ang isang Laida na alam na ng buong buo ang pinasok nya. Isang Laida na hindi lang happily ever after ang gusto kundi ang reality ever after with you. Mahal na mahal kita Miggy Montenegro. At wala na akong nakikita pang ibang gagawin kundi mahalin ka kaya maraming salamat for hiring me once again as your E.A, your Eternal Assistant pwede din M.A. or Maternal Assistant para sa magiging baby natin."

Miggy: "Five years ago, during one of the worst days of my life. When every one was walking out of me, a girl walked into my life. And i never thought that… that day hindi ko alam na yun na pala ang future ko.

Today I realized i won’t making any vows for my wedding. Because this is not the day for promises. Today i stand here in front of you in complete surrender. I have no worries. I have no fear because i know i’m sure. I’m sure because I’m Yours."

Ohh I almost missed the learnings... :)

A very well said points trimmed down by my Prof. in Filipino 2 back in Ateneo who's also a movie and literary critic.  

Araw-araw sinusundan, 'di ka naman tumitingin, anong aking dapat gawin? (Hindi na ito lapat sa akin pero kahit paano nakakakilig at kyut pa rin.) Ito ang kanta nina Miggy Montenegro at Laida Magtalas sa isa't isa. Sa kabuuan, ito ang masasabi ko sa pelikulang IT TAKES A MAN AND A WOMAN:

1. Kung ayaw mong magkabalikan ang dalawang tao, gumawa ka ng paraan at hindi tumunganga lang.

2. Huwag kang papayag na maging magkatrabaho ang taong mahal mo ang kaniyang dating kasintahan. (Umpisa pa lamang ay supilin mo na.)
3. Hindi ka dapat pumayag na pumunta sila sa ibang bansa na sila lang. (Sumama ka at magbantay.)
4. Pinakaimportante, huwag mong ibibigay ang taong mahal mo nang basta-basta na lang. (Matira ang matibay, isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit ako isinilang upang maging panghabambuhay mong karibal. )


Isn't it frustrating realizing that man like Miggy Montenegro or John Tyree only exists in movies and novels? Gaaawd. And because of that, some women tend to be more idealistic of the kind of man they want to settle their forever and a day with. But if you’re going to look at it in deeper perception, you’ll understand that a woman only wanted a man who can give her the truest of love that he can possibly give, fight all the odds just to have her, respects and protects her. I can assure she’s going to love and treasure and just as devoted to you for the rest of her thousand years ahead. :) It may sound a bit absurd, but i surely know im sharing the same feels with other woman who wants more than a fairytale told love story but the ones that endures and dont fade with the course of time.

But first a man should know what fangirling is in a girl’s dictionary. HAHAHA

Credits to: Lines that were tweeted by , , Sir Vasil and all random gif. and jpeg pics used in this post. Thanks!

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