Sunday, February 10, 2013

Is currently out of service...

When talks were about how I've been doing or the things I'm busy with I started to act as if I'm not hearing at all. I don't bother to care. I get easily hurt so I tend to avoid those kind of things. 😑 Not that I'm doing bad deeds so pleaseeeee refrain from misunderstanding. I just know that it's safe for me to say that my hobbies and interests are a bit weird... (Oops! That surprised me either!)

For important pointers, I tried to learn from them when my colleagues and family tell me I should. But at most times I don't simply because I want my initiative to take its course and not because they said so. When I get calls from my parents about my future plans I occasionally answer, “I’ll check up on it”, it’s not that I’m hiding, but I really don’t know. Other than doing what's expected, I tend not to focus on much else, even what they'll be thinking afterwards. I just focus on doing something I can be satisfied and proud of.

Then that's maybe the reason why I've been going to church. So I'll sure listen. Hehe! Will be going now Lord~ 🙋

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