Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lee Kwang Soo OUT?!

Soon as I woke up today I was so pissed with my bad dream. Then next thing I know I tweeted the person involved...

@micLtoe: @masijacoke85 Oppah, you just been reported dead in my dream. Please always take care whenever you're out for a massage ok?! #badDream

Arra~ this is the baddest right to let a living person know about his death news because of a petty fan's dream! Aigoo!

My dream goes like Kwang Soo oppah was off from his work and so had his body massage somewhere near the convenience store where he was reported dead. Prior to that while he's slurping his ramen a lady was asking for his number cutely she's like spazzing over the sight of Mr. Lee Kwang Soo but our dear betrayer seemed to be asleep in everybody's eyes and sort of completely ignoring the pretty lady by his side and she's tall by the way. Everyone in the store was waiting for his reaction (its like Running Man cameras are everywhere shooting the scene) but soddenly Kwang Soo was found dead by then.

Reports on tv goes... Actor and Running Man member was found dead in a convenience store due to wrong body conditioning. (Not sure if there's really such cause of death~) Then a footage of Yoo Jae Suk announcing the death of Kwang Soo in place of the family's main griever. 😣 Then it all went so serious to me now since a flash of RunningMan cast were doing their farewell and send off songs and goodbyes in memory of their maknae. 😰

Sadly speaking I wish this isn't true of course. A Running Man without the giraffe, framer, maknae, easy brother, gwangvatar and betrayer is like eating hot ramen without water to drink afterwards.

I know this is really disappointing but please Kwang Soo oppah see this as a reminder to take good care of yourself no matter how tired you are. Have a home service instead than having your massage outside which exposed it from fluctuating temperature. Also get your mind right, since just like in my dream you might missed to get to know a very good looking, talk as you young lady!!! I wish for you to always be energetic and healthy to run with the cast as long as you wanted. Keep on fighting and Manse!!! Live long!

Owww.. that thought if Kwang Soo is... WAHHHHH!!! Andehhh~~~

FIGHTING Betrayer Kwang Soo Oppah!~ 

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