Tuesday, February 26, 2013

If there's any...

Dear My Few Readers,

I know that my previous posts are misleading you to living the comfortable feel of this blog. I may be sad, lonely and sort of depress these past few days but I wish you won't get influenced. It’s crazy how someone who is usually surrounded with people, can feel so alone. Most days are unsatisfying and dull. I just wanted to tell you all to keep your chins up and just get through this. I've been trying to be contented lately with how my life is. Finding the work or field that I can be passionate about is indeed a process that needs time and prayers. 

But, like any of you I have flaws and unpretty issues to get over with. Well anyway I'm pretty cool with stuff like that. It's a natural phenomena in one's life and a lesson I've learned from this is that you just have to give yourself the chance to ask for help and let someone or some help you. So no worries I'll be fine in no time.

Who knows I'll be a Saxophonist or a well renowned Surgeon? Hihihihi Don't mind my randomness but lesson here is that we can be anyone we want to be in this life but there is called God that permits them from happening. We can go blind or suffer serious illness if that's what it takes for someone like me and you to realize and appreciate something's worth it before it's too late. We can be pushed to edge but it will always be for the better. Possibilities coincide with how we manage our thoughts and how we put it in action.

Though I wish I can solve my delimma in 1-2-3 but thanks for it because if not for this mishap then no post like today will be written and read. 

Hence, go find something that makes you sparkle and shine your brightest to let that purpose out. Go spread your options... 

I sarangh you all~

GossipGirl (WhoWhattt?!? __^__) #Random

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