Thursday, January 24, 2013

Frugal life we're in...

I was taught of a lesson before I went home today. As I stopped by the food cart selling Indian mangoes I’m craving for, the vendor is in the middle of asking discount for the butcher’s knife. The roaming manong insisted that he’s already selling the knife half of its original price since it’s already late in the afternoon to make a sale so what Ate kept on insisting of buying it by 185 instead of the selling price 190, manong can only just walk away in response. Since I was waiting for my mangoes to be peeled I insisted of filling up the five peso difference for her to buy the knife but ate instantly refused and cut my sentence off by saying, I can actually buy it but that’s already out of my budget.” You can’t just purchase something because you can at the moment, your money is allotted for your much needed expenses. “

so that's how I got scolded...
I can’t hide my puzzled face in front of her when I was hearing those words. She even told manong that she badly wanted to buy the knife but she just can’t afford to buy it by 190 since she will still be paying for the rent of her space and and that lacks her budget to even add five pesos to sold it. So looking how she carries on her difficult life like that all I can be offering is to go back and buy mangoes or cooked sweet potatoes some other time whenever I have the appetite to eat something earthy organic.
I’m actually a regular customer since then but I stopped patronizing because like how any other human who lives we go through downtime experiences like cutting off expenditures. So from my daily sweet potatoes or/and boiled bananas costing me 20php a day, I’m now into bread with six days before its expiration and nothing is wasted from it since I’m loving the raisins in my loaf. 

I think I'm good in treating myself well but the comfort is always there like I can actually manage to compare my Gardenia Non-Trans fat loaf to a pack of crackers for only 44 pesos or so that will be good for one week snack. hmnnn... this needs drive to push me to enter that so called healthy frugal life. 

So to us ate, FIGHTING!!! This too shall pass! 

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