Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 Survivor

Halloo to myself who’ll be reading this post years and years after. Well true enough that every year is a countdown to where we should be heading so I’ve come to realize some of my said to be bucket list last 2012.  

First off I’ve been reading now! Well I couldn’t blame you for disbelieving but it’s so true! Just don’t mention about the genre and all because they maybe not yet of a big in number but definitely full of facts to sustain. Ehem!

Not yet contented with reading so I pursued blogging in February since I already have my netbook with me!!! Yahhh!!! I almost named this blog as “Dear Future…” a part from the ellipsis that makes it dramatic it sounds hopeful in all aspects. Like I’ve thought of addressing every posts to my future boyfriend so that everything he missed he can catch up thru this blog but I preferred to change it to now my blog title, “Tucked-in-pajamas” since it’s just so me, carefree and comfortable and hopefully  can transcend the warmth company whenever someone drops by. And surprisingly I’ve reached 8 posts for the month of November! I think I’m becoming adventurous with my independence days but somehow emotional. Hahaah I suggest you better scroll down.

 Still able to play futsal with officemates at Maersk.

Sought growth in my new tasks at work. I'm now in MAL group and even get to back up for Cargo Planning. Woohho! 

Opened a savings account in BDO to help me save more. Choz.  

Oh! Jello has arrived, my first born nephew and new addition to the family now 7 months old.

Celebrated my birthday with my family! I treated them in EK and dinner on the day of my birthday since they even made a long trip just to be with me! 

Ate Yen got married to Kuya Omay last Nov. 28.

Co-authored our Damco-VAS Newsletter for March issue! Hmnnn... Appreciated much of the commendations I've received along with Mars MJ. 

Last Fiesta, I COOKED salsa for the dip for tacos, fruit cocktail juice and of course my ever favorite BUKO SALAD!!! 

Now active on Twitter! @micLtoe and been enjoying my private time in there! And must say I got a celebrity teetply from SIR CHIEF himself! wahhhh! merong~~~ ^^ 

Able to share my blessings this Christmas with my little cousins, nieces and nephews, and close family members in the midst of saving for my Bora this January I still got to do what I have to do. 

Been to KCC and watched YG Family Concert! That day Nysh chingu and I wore a dress and just made our evening so right and spazz Big Bang in an instant.

Watched Sarah G Birthday Concert last July in Araneta! Don't think that my life is already enclosed with Korean idols. I still love and adore some local artists and best example to that is Sarah Nonimo~ hihihi Bonus pa at andun si BABE, Gerald Anderson himself! Sapazzing can also be applied for P-pop tomohh?!?!

First time watching Korean Idols’ Concert! Hihihi You know they’ve been part of that 8 posts last October. BIG BANG daebak!

Not really in my bucket list but being a Maid of Honor twice this year was no joke just please no more next time for me though. Believing in hear say is not my thing. I’d like to at least be assured to get married someday. Hahaha! I believe it's a humane thing to do so I’d like to follow the footsteps of the general public.

Also a must say success crisis for me to be joining my cousins' wedding as MOH with no parents joining me in a long trip in Pampanga. Being alone is not an issue to me but to be a sole representative of my parents in a family event is a bit of a burden on my part. But in good times' sake I've conquered the fear and did my part very well! yeahha!!! See that's surprising oneself! 

I bought a stiletto shoes! And started wearing sleeveless and dress at work. Yeeha! Pa’chicks! I guess I’ve come to realize that I’m in my prime and most perfect age to express myself in ways I can be considered as part of the ladies' bracket and not anymore as a kid though I feel that I still am in most times but still I’m stepping out in becoming yippeo (pretty) somehow. wahhahah!

Been busy eating Korean Cuisine twice a month in the first quarter of the year! And though at times my taste buds doesn’t appreciate some of these intakes but there’s no backing out for Kimchi Chige is Lee Min Ho’s favorite, Sanggchu is Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang buin’s shared favorite and the feeling makes me feel like I’m sharing it with them so deh~ I’m capable of surprising again myself because of that. 

Relaxed whole day in a Korean Spa. Ohh so good for the blood circulation and for a pursuit to yippeo face. 

Went to Binondo and experience authentic Chinese cuisine and cute stuffs in China town. Feels like in a foreign place. 

Enrolled in a gym last Oct. WAHAHA! I don’t know but I do feel the urge to pursue and have a balanced life since my piece of happiness is already virtual at least after work it can be a little different than usual just fingers crossing since at times lazy-me comes out.

Met Lee Min HOT!!! If I’ll be relieving the experience it will just be a never ending "Shit! Shit! WAHHHHHHHHH!!! GWAPO..." 

Also just recently, I’ve come to a decision to quit my hanged crush on someone. Ayan! K. Thanks. Time to cross you out on my list.

Got a new phone and not just that, it’s I-phone 4s baby!~ ahhah! Well it will be never ending debt to my parents for making it happen to upgrade my postpaid plan to unli data plan with unli surf!!! Yes! I’m crazy about internet connection.

Realized a feasible business just this Dec. 29th that fits my likes in life. Along with my chingus we participated in K-Pop Convention and we sell T-shirts and Oppah Pillow cases that brought us so much stressuh!, lack of sleep but worthy experience. And we promised to give again our bests next time! Please anticipate for more daebak stuffs at SEOUL'it!

Booked for Bangkok, Thailand next year!

Celebrated New Year with chingus, NYSH and LALA. This was my very first time to welcome new year without my family but it all went so well since I get to experience it the Korean way! ahhahaha! The dark room style was jjang! I've been doing that since I got swoon by my K-pop duties! ahahah

And of course I thank you Lord for permitting all these to happen. My thoughts over life and interaction towards others had a real swift because of last year’s experiences. There were sad parts of my 2012 but I wish that for me and my whole family could get over that and able to appreciate more of your plans. And to that I like to embrace 2013 with high hopes. Believe that happiness can never be quantified nor compared to every person’s different sources of delight so may it be silly and simple it will always be worth the thanks to Him.


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