Monday, December 30, 2013

When I was away~

Hello!!! Or in my usual self, ANNYEONG HASEYO~

It’s been a long while without some of these little chit chat and I’m writing now because I’m getting close to being the person I can call “Best Self EVER.” Oh yeah! I’m totally satisfied with how I’ve been doing for the past three months of hiatus. And just to give you glimpse of what I’ve been busy about for the past months is that I’ve been completely bombarded with work! I was like a student for the most parts since we’ve been having quizzes and surprises everytime I get to encounter new info about the actual job. And to tell you with confidence, I’m doing well with my work and I’m feeling overwhelmed with questions I can now answer since the training began last two months. And that’s because of this cool friend I got to meet… 

Everyone he’s Pickles! He’s like me. I think we are the alter ego of each other in some weird way that I even cried a day before they leave for Toronto. Awwww he got a piece of me there huh?! Well anyway, I didn’t see any friendship the moment I saw him all cocky on the first two weeks of training but of course not until he’s like treating my work station as his second home. Hahahaha! He’s firing me questions I just came to know through our fishy eye contacts. Awww I miss our bullying! Thanks to this big guy I truly learned some good lessons! Merci~

Another thing was the total spirit lifting trip to Bangkok with my chingus’ Ylda and Nysh! I’ve pursued happiness instead of the first two days training with Pickles! Ahhaha I like to thank my bosses for that though I know on those days I am very much sure I’ll still choose to fly though there’s a chance for me getting NTE from the HR. But I said to myself, I just can’t say NO to this could be memories. And I got them all! Here’s a lot of selfies and fun stuff we had during our good all days in Thailand!

And I think this held *confusion (the way I think love is~) is a must share now that I’m simply getting away from falling in love.  Hay naku! I think I just got friendzoned there! Hahahahayyysss considering I got the answer sooner as I thought, seconds before the mass ended he replied the word I’ve been afraid of seeing now, even hearing!!! So let’s skip that part since I’m still in the process of accepting. But just to reminisce the moments I had I’ll give you the highlights of my could-be-love-life…

But my work hasn’t been saved even in auto recovery when my lappy shut down on its own earlier in the morning~ and so I find it tiring now to recall. I’m wounded and waiting for my tears to fall for my very first legit heartache but it’s not going down… so I don’t really know!!! I don’t want to know even! I hope he’s just matching off with my humor when he said, “Haha. Salamat kaibigan. (with an emoticon forcing a smile)”.

Choices will be made soon... I hope it will not be regretful.
Best self please cooperate~
So that’s it! The details will be revealed later! I don’t want to be bitter so settle down hormones and emotions it will not be ok in hurry~ So let’s see where this thing goes…  Wish me luck before this year ends! Baboo~

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Give it time.

Hiiiiiiiii! It’s Saturday morning so… why am I writing??? HAHAHAHA

The perky employee. Nyahahaha 
I just arrived all the way from work on a grave yard shift. So technically this is my evening and that gives you the idea that I’m supposed to be tired and sleepy but I’M NOT! Well, not today because my most awaited weekend is running so like the old times, I’m awake and keeping myself busy.

I’m not really sure with the reason why I’m really this hyper so I came up with a very spontaneous list.

Disclaimer: It all just came to me now that…

First, I’m getting used with the shift I’m in like, I’m still sleeping during lunch breaks every chance I can get. But it’s more of finding me enjoying the 8 hours and more sleep. Woah! This isn’t me whom we’re talking about right?!? Hahaha Mama and Papa will be happy knowing that I’m sleeping now. ^^* 
CASH/FX Team with Trainers' Shiela, Kristen
 Jeff and Simona. 

Teams' Manual and Cash/FX with Berns~ ^^* #cows
Second, I am now friends with my officemates! Contrary to my first 4 weeks stay in the company, I used to take myself out for lunch and just randomly hang out with sets of officemates during breaks without much breaking off my wall. I, myself is surprised by this progress because at first I don’t get the feel of working at night plus the pressure in my position so I tend to appear aloof and in effect, no sense of attachment. I also have plans of moving out in no time so I thought it would be just fine to keep myself in this mindset but true colors can’t really be denied. And I still got that bully side in me and the random-happy-for-no-reason-person that I am. Yiheee!!! 

Third would be for the reason that I appreciate the team I belonged. Team CASH/FX is where all of us have our own crazy and awesome sides. The process complements with how difficult the first 2 weeks of training and adjustments we had to unleash this satisfaction we shared now that we’re feeling comfortable with almost everything. 

Fourth is my reversed perception about my superior now that I come to get to know him. He’s not the hateful boss I 
Team Cash/FX!
professed he is during the time he disapproved my upcoming leaves for the SS5 and Bangkok trip this November because of the conflict of training schedules which I definitely understood now because it is really a mass of pressure for him as the team leader. He is actually funny and someone who works with diligence! I can totally relate with how he express himself because he’s not faking it. Yey to Sir Kent aka Damulag! Hahaha

On the 24th, I still followed my usual rituals before
going to concerts, to have my nails polished.
I let it painted with Sapphire blue!
SuJu will always be my first love boy-group!

Fifth is that successfully sold my SS5 ticket. I almost cried and gone mad the first time I heard that I can’t take my leave since we’ll have two assessment exams on the same day. And so I was pushed to sell it asap and God worked his wonders as always since an Indonesian ELF read my tweet and so I got my money back! Special thanks to the people who retweeted my advertisement online and of course Vicka chingu all the way from Indonesia! 


Lastly, I realized that on these things, time is what keeps you sane. The benefit of the sudden dilemma is the ability to accept unwelcomed thoughts. The process prepared me to reach a mindset which both my heart and mind approves. So whatever that worries you right now, just give it time. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

My life in picture form.

Care to know why I suddenly flooded my timeline and in effect, include your feeds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Oh well, I had a cup of coffee again just like yesterday that whenever I do I need to find avenues to exude all my stored energy.  And these were the product of those nights…

Expression, NOT IMPRESSION! #DahilNakakamiss... ang Bora. hahahaha!

This was taken by a random waiter in La Carmela de Boracay last January of this year. With me are my two awesome former officemates, Zhie who’s now in Dubai herding camels and Joan who’s just been promoted and still the Cargo Planner that she is! Hahaha We love sarcasm in our perky world and that’s the very reason why I miss these girls along with my other lunch mates in the 17th.

About the caption, that’s who we are in real life! We live for our own satisfaction and not your sugar coated type of girls! Who says Bora is something to prepare your body for when actually it’s really cold especially while walking along the seashore at night!!! HAHAHAHA! I love how outgoing and comfortable we are in our best clothes on the cold sands of Boracay~ Welcome 2013! 
Fear but DO IT ANYWAY! Papi~ ate~, atapang a'tao hindi a'takbo! #FlashbackFriday
This picture was when we’re in HK Disneyland at the momentum of the Space Shuttle 3D ride. That’s me beside my Ate Yen with her mouth open shocked screen cap and fun loving father, Papi who doesn’t seem afraid rather relaxed at the back.
Our Papi tends to challenge us to try and speak our minds whenever possible. He taught me that Alphabet should not be sang or else you’ll end up memorizing it without much thought or sincerity (oh!) and so he will give me that stern look whenever I do some singing. Hahahaha!

And for that reason, whenever we had our family dinner or scheduled meeting we always exercise that open conversation. My sister is now on her first year in Law School and though I know she’s quite afraid with the toxic case studies, she’ll make it for sure! My brother who’s not in the picture is also quite of a debater and some smooth talker. So whenever I feel the pressure or fear, I just keep in mind the teachings of my parents and the art of letting go if I happened to deliver with just half of what I really can. Just do it anyways!  

The reason why I'm alone is because YOU were there... taking the picture. #Boom!#PalusotNo1 #flashbackfriday

You know I’m a Fan Fiction noble prize winner right?!? Hahaha! This was taken while we’re on a raft on our way to Tarzan’s tree house in HK Disneyland. And to feed the loneliness, I deliberately posed a pitiful look while my backgrounds were in action. The couple on the left caught kissing. Opposite them is the girl who’s making the first move to her boy, look at what she’s grabbing!!! 

Going steamy huh?! Aigoo! Yeobo pallyi! Let’s show them PDA 2.0! Puahahah! 

nASA man: Will you marry me?
Ako: Enebe! Saka na pag may dumaan na shooting star!
#WalangTulakKabigin #GotToBelieve #KathNiel #OnCue

This was taken last year on our Family Day in Enchanted Kingdom. My sister took this picture with the Astronaut who came for a mission. Hahahaha

And so I wasn't that alone after all! There were couple of thrills in this life we called, romance. Wooooohhhh!!! Goosebumps on the rise! 

There's no aray-aray when you're having your picture taken. Hana~ Tul~ Set! Kimchi~ #DislocatedJoints #Futsal #Chingus #flashbackfriday

I used to play Futsal as a sport during my college days in Ateneo. And that was the product of playing well! Yay! It happened on our last game for a runner up place during our intramurals and though I felt the pain for having my joints dislocated it was more of the prestige than the pain it caused me. Buahahhaha! 

My arm was bandaged and we won 3rd place! With me are my playmates and good friends, Dhet and Ylda in our koryan poses this was shot at the back of the open showers of the court where football guys are you know~ hahahaha! Keep that as a secret! Otherwise!!!! Hmp! 😏

Told yah! YOU WILL NEVER SEE IT COMING!!! #Pranks And now, you're starting to think of something similar. #MindBlown

The caffeine intake is now about to subside so a swift change must occur at this rate.

Being the loving person that I am, the photo really is about love that maybe present already in front of our very eyes but we at most times missed to notice. And that caption is just for distraction purposes to lower down those expectations. It's just me that it seems like a prank on my second look that's why I'm being indifferent with what's actually in it. 👽 

And that ends my thoughts about my existence and alienation on this Flashback Friday.

Good night my dear Aliens!!!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Office Girl vs. Full-time FanGirl

A month ago, I was so pleased with the new work I got that prior joining the company I had the chance to spend my two weeks in Naga for vacation. I was able to unwind with peace since my worries about expenses and other things related will be answered by my soon passive income and new field to venture. In addition, I was even surprised with the position specified in my contract. It appears that I’m a Specialist and next post to mine is already TL which is beyond unexpected since I applied for an Analyst post. And so I can only find myself privileged and thankful.

But not until… my planned leaves for SS5 Manila concert and Bangkok trip were disapproved by my superior. While tears are forming around my eyes, I can only imagine my full payment for the concert ticket I made just this Tuesday and my pushed self to search through the variety of affordable hostels in Bangkok where we can have our accommodation booked and to start the itinerary for my first time flying with friends. Because of this, it never occurred to me that my two weeks’ vacation in Naga will be the last for this year. I can only self-pity at this state. It’s too ironic that it all just came to me now and that all of a sudden my thoughts were how to dispose my concert ticket and how should I contest my two day leave to my Manager or HR since they already know about it prior to the training period.

Seeing myself now, I don’t have control on things such these without sacrificing a bit of pride and supposed good memories. I for one believes that I can’t have everything I wishes but this isn’t IT right? Tell me this is not yet part of my “everything”???!!!

Then I was like “okay I haven’t done my two drug prescriptions yet!” But I just thought it would be cool if I can do both without feeling halfhearted by choosing what’s more right. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Spider Man vs. Peter Pan.

September welcomed me with a new job. The almost 3 week’s unemployment vanished just like that after I signed my contract with a U.S. based financial services and holding company. I’m a Financial Analyst now and loving to hear how it sounds since I challenged myself to get the job. I studied stocks, bonds, derivative operations, and Forex to make it happen. I almost thought I’ll have my first nose bleed while studying since it’s been so long to get the feel of a hardworking student. Believe me, there’s something like that. It wasn’t unplanned but certainly unexpected of me since I’m not a graduate of Finance or Accountancy but I can’t hide the feeling of pride for trying. Yiheee…

On the second week, my older sister breaks the news that she is an expectant mother for six weeks now. She’s finally having her first born after ten months of marriage. And I’m the happy "Tita Pitchel” again.

Plus the night before I left Naga we had our usual family meeting dinner about plans in the future and business ventures that we’ve all agree there and then. All I can say is that I couldn’t ask for a better family than I have. I’ve been blessed with a dream team to keep me grounded all the while. 

And seeing how things are falling into place makes it uneasy to swallow. The pressure is starting to pile and I’m still the happy go lucky in my bed. Spiderman once said, with great power comes great responsibility. Another quote I can remember which is somewhat similar to this is my high school teacher’s catchy phrase after every lesson, to whom much is given much is expected. I don’t know what’s with them that they love to pressure others with these impactful lines but I do know how to be thankful and somehow make good use of it by means of act of kindness and maintaining good relationships. But is it just me who thinks of ways to give back by pursuing bigger roles in life? Take for example my thoughts about Law school or enrolling myself in Forex classes. I can be of better use if I’m a Public Attorney or a Pro Trader who educates people how to expand their savings. With regard to personal life, for once get serious with entertaining future partner in life or going back to Naga to establish my own business and stood on my own. My generous parents’ are always behind me and even giving me options to take to better my life and I’m just the hesitant-me who’s always in her spur of moment side of the world and who has her way of procrastinating and thinking differently to get away with the pressure. Do you get me? I’m that hard to break in because I always go with what’s comfortable and whenever I challenge myself it appears to be just a baby step after another as I see it now that I’m 23.
A month ago I tweeted, I don’t care if I’m not meeting expectations or trying to fit in. I refrain not to compare since I love our differences.

I guess self-awareness now happens not only on Valentines Day. Not-so-long-ago-friends would say to me to stay as the person that I am and normally it feels good to hear but in my head what exactly do you mean by that?

And it concludes everything that’s been told, I'm still lost in my life. Recently I read an article about Peter Pan generation, which is the generation that refuses to grow up. I think I'm one of them. 

Oooh... goosebumps.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kang Daesung bogoshippeo!!!

KakaoTalk asked: 

Level of difficulty: Severe. But with a light heart my answer is Kang Daesung. Because you can almost see a halo above his head when he smiles. He's like a friend I wish I had. Someone you can always share your laughters without pretensions and a good friend you might think had or has a crush on you because he's someone I know would really spend quality time. Plus, I miss him as Daesung the quirky maknae in #FamilyOuting. Nothing beats this Idol's wit. Bogosshippeo Daesung-ah~~~ ^^*

Monday, August 12, 2013

Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo?

Percy Jackson. What now?!? waaahh!!!
I just watched this movie without much thought after feeling “bitin” over watching Percy Jackson: The Sea Monsters. To be honest, I haven’t read the bestselling humor book of Ramon Bautista wherein the movie was based. But don’t misunderstood since I haven’t read either the Percy Jackson book, none of its like as a matter of fact. So that gives you the reason why I don’t have the right to compare the two since I have no intentions of doing so.  

I just sat there to be entertained and apparently had new set of crushes after leaving the cinema which given me the will to write. Ok. That was the first time I met or should I say been introduced to Logan Lerman. Hmmmn. I totally fell for him that I don’t even care about his lines anymore. My bad but I just don’t feel the depth of the story but he does as an individual. Hahah Total distraction you say, I’ll tell you about the next movie.

Though I’m excited to tell you about Xian Lim I would like to make a preamble on this movie first. I’m not that impressed to give you an honest review though I know Direk Joyce Bernal is the maker of my ever favorite movie from the past, Till There Was You starring Judy Ann Santos and Papa P. The thing is that this is just one of those movies that didn’t get through me. It started off with full of promise because you’re expecting to realize the answer or answers maybe from the movie title, BAKIT HINDI KA CRUSH NGCRUSH MO out of how the story line goes and not  by means of enumerating them by the author himself. The book already told us the WHYs’ so the movie I have in mind is on the HOWs’, like how will these reasons be delivered and executed. The Director might be saddened by this but it didn’t work for me. It should be realistic since the book is made for HIS and HER real life circumstances. The transition of events has also flaws like for example when Sandy made a scene during Tangerine’s presscon was I think just an excuse to make the two fight by letting her know that they’re not actually in a relationship. And so it serves as the twist of the story that no matter how touchy feely you are to each other (they were for a day. just for a day) it is still does not suffice an “in a relationship” status for it will always boil down to the words we say as the most evident proof of love or dislike.

About Kim Chui’s acting it was very good but as Sandy who is confident with her looks meaning she accepts who she is but couldn’t figure out why she isn’t the one for Gardo is I think another questionable factor for the persons in charge of the wardrobe. Forget that we all know that Kim still got the features of a princess even with her thick eye brows and kinky hair but in the movie she has her gay little brother to actually fix it for her. If I see it correctly she’s someone who is cool with anything that will make her look at her best so I don’t see any problem arising if she just realized earlier in her relationship with her ex the use of hair treatment and tweezers for her brows. It just bothers me that she’s a notable beauty and it is as easy as 1-2-3 to make her pretty. I’m again experiencing some displeasure not until Xian Lim came into the picture.

Thanks to your good reactions that given emphasis to the pain, kilig, uneasy feeling you had during the course of forgetting your darn ex fiancé! I’m recalling the scenes that I may find something fishy to grill but I just can’t think of any. The fact that you are up for a challenge to pull yourself together is something good to tell which taught me that the way to settle your issues is to face them with harsh realities. You will always find it difficult to prove your worth but to someone you are already high enough to catch up. So take it slow and let time take its course. Plus I just find you worthy to be called CRUSH, we’re talking about Xian now for your good sexy voice, fine guitar and piano skills (plus 15 more different instruments! Yes he's not greedy at all.), he composes songs, he plays basketball, nice set of abs, broad chest (that I wish to hug!) that gives me pain until now because you keep pressing yours to Kim’s and of course I never been this hooked by kissing scenes (let me complete the thought man!) done in Philippine rom-com movies! I felt the warmth why oh why?!? Hihihi Ok. Fine you two, just get married!!! 

So I’m back to the question, bakit nga ba di ka crush ng crush mo?

Ramon Bautista stated them so well but I also have one in mind, sort of a beauty queen answer. That maybe kaya hindi ako crush ng crush ko because we just can’t meet halfway. We are sort of ok with each other but it isn’t good enough to make it to the next level. I’m not ready to lose him just yet and I’d like to think he has been thinking the same way towards me. Again, we were just been warned thru the movie that we should not assume unless it’s been stated so we won’t be the one hurting in the end but you might also want to consider that when you love someone out of your league you will end up denying the growing unconscious feeling of yours until it can’t be contained from within so a love life can blossom at its perfect timing. Gotcha!


Thursday, August 1, 2013


[Disclaimer: This is a jury trial. And I’m serious.]

Officer: All Rise.

Judge: This is case number 84C01-0703-JD-00569, in the matter of Jerma Maezelle Ilarde, who’s indecisive about her future. Present in the court room are the defendant and her attorney, the deputy prosecutor, the probation officer and the grand jury. Ms. Ilarde, how do you plead?

Defendant: Not guilty your Honor.

[Once heard the Judge will allow the defendant's side to present their side of case and evidence will be presented by the deputy prosecutor.]

Defendant: I’m still in the course of arguing with my thoughts so like how my lawyer presented the case; I regret to claim that I’m indecisive with my plans in life. If you’ll dig in further how I happen to survive life without a long term goal then you might think that I’m just being silly if you’ll hear me say that I want to become a Public Attorney or a Prosecutor someday. 

Prosecutor: Again, she’s indecisive!

Lawyer: She’s in the process of cross examination your Honor hence, it’s her right to make a point.

Judge: Sustained.

Defendant: I know it’s unfair to those who have dream of it since their elementary days but it just came to me now and find it doable. As someone who struggles in memorizing, this idea sounds lame. And I do know that Law school is not something just to try out since it's a financial commitment and you'll dive in the material before classes begin. But you may probably have no idea how uneasy it can be to pursue a dream you just dreamed of days ago for the reason that I’m the mediocre type you know and who apparently clueless of what her dream job is. And so when I say I'm going to do something it takes some of the motivation out of it. I absolutely noticed this. There is a difference between asking someone for help to achieve a goal (you are motivated from within) and saying something out loud. I need a quiet mind to actually do the work and I sometimes find that talking about it is almost a way to procrastinate. Of course Law School is way on top of my agenda now since I have issues to deal with before being bombarded with laws I’ll soon be injecting in my whole self. Factors that should be settled like a job that can’t be brought home so my thoughts will be on the goal; a side-line to finance my wants like you know, my k-pop duties and fangirling responsibilities and a motivated Law student who can see the title Atty. as prefix to her name. 

So I think there is a flaw in this line of thought that I’m asking your consensus in my decision where I’m the sole master of my ship. Some goals - many goals - require the support of others. Without this support, when it gets tough, there is no one to remind you of your goals and what you had said at the start. I've tried it both ways (to announce my goals and to keep it to myself till it’s been accomplished) and the results are inconclusive, as it depends on the goal, my ability, and the surrounding friends and family.

Judge: On this, I find you guilty as charged. I hereby charge you with the attempted murder of the younger generations’ dreams. You will not reach a make or break decision if you've focused yourself with a field you should have thought of way back your school days. But don't worry about what real judges’ say, just say to your battling brain “order in court” in a stern voice and hit your hammer on the desk. Then resume your step by step plans and if you still happen to pursue this line of work then please be a good lawyer and have the conviction that you can. Case dismissed!

I love my dramas!

"Whenever I decide, I go with the side that I think is right,
even that is only 1% higher." - Atty. Cha

While I was watching the series I Hear Your Voice a realization hits me hard. Enough to pause my streaming video. I was so hooked that I've been thinking again to be a lawyer whom I have thought of for the first time when I once watched the series Partner also a Korean drama. Ridiculous but true. 

“Whether I succeed or fail is up to the heavens…
all I have to do is do my best… don’t you think?”
– Tak Gu
And let me tell you, this wasn't the first time I've thought of switching a career path. When I was a huge fan of The Baker King, Kim Tak Goo you know what I want to become. When “Grey’s Anatomy” was being aired I suddenly want to bring back my grade’s school dream to become a Surgeon. And the series Brain lifted my hopes to become one since I found then that the main logic of brain tumor operation is to clip off that aneurysm to prevent blood flow. You just need a lot of tissue to do that. Apparently, I can’t be a doctor for my medical history says no and though my career just had been cut down I still like to believe that God’s plan is way better for me. 

“Wings, I should need them some day, but it’s not now.
I will use my own power to pursue
and find my own wings.” – Kang Hoon
“I love you more.” - Gil Ro
Still I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration since becoming a baker can just be a hobby in the kitchen and being a lawyer is for those who can memorize so well and I’m not the right person for that. I watched Lie To Me and Level Seven Civil Servant which made me thought of becoming the most transparent public servant. The urge even reached of aiming to be like CityHunter as a matter of fact.

“When I’m having trouble, I think of these words:
Do not fear a shadow, for it means light is nearby.” - Young Ju
I can be so immersed with what I’m watching that my career path is on the line. But I know for sure that this too shall pass like I can’t be a lawyer or a baker if I didn't even enrolled myself into Law school or even open the oven. Since those who really wanted to pursue their dreams is not in front of a computer or a smart phone whose occupied with a list of dramas and variety shows to watch. I felt guilty after typing it now really. I know something is not right when you get easily swayed with the trend or the way I perceive the world romantically. Way to go Zelle!

“She is sloppy, careless, and has many flaws here and there,
but she is so honest and innocent like she‘s still a kid.” – Ki Joon

Credit goes to rightful owners. Kansahamnida!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Procedure...

After this you'll be excited to regard and call me a PRO, I mean it folks. (quick fierce look on me right there!) Well, we can't deny the fact that I'm random but there's always this need to be fulfilled once in a while and to my surprise I just undergone a DIY bubble hair color! Yeah~

And so I happened to be loyal once again to Etude House! Bought this for 274 Php since I've used my accumulated 104 points in my membership card so technically it's being sold for 378 Php. 

What's in the box is a 50ml pump bottle containing the oxidizer liquid, a 30mL pack of hair coloring, a 10 mL sachet of the Silky Perfumed Treatment, and a packet containing a plastic cape, a pair of gloves, and an instructional guide which is very user friendly if you're a Korean! Thanks to the pictures i get to follow the steps~

Aside from it promises to attain this hair color is that it's a complete set of what you'll need in a DIY challenge. Like for example if I bought Revlon or Loreal I might gave up easily because of the trouble buying the hair cups and all and it will be so expensive i tell you. 

Why i chose Dark Brown? Simple. There were only 3 stocks of colors left in Megamall branch last night and it is way better than Deep Black and that Orangey color. And I just think Papi (Tso Jerry) will be happy at last with my hair since he doesn't like how I looked in my sister's wedding... Sad story. haha!

How it's done: 

1. Empty the contents of the hair coloring pack onto the white pump bottle. Make sure to put the cap (with the stopper) back on tightly.
2. Do not shake the bottle vigorously! Tilting the bottle sideways a couple of times will do and when it's kinda warm, it's ready.

3. Remove the stopper, and you can now start pumping out the foam.
4. Apply the foam on your hair from roots to tips, just like shampooing it, making sure to cover all of it.
5. I gathered my hair at the top of my head and let the formula sit for 1 hour, while the box instructions said 20-30 minutes. It's up to you but not for more than an hour though.
6. After some pervstalking and random browsing, time to wash my hair. It was very, very rough and thick -- but using the Silky Perfumed Treatment made my hair soft and smooth, just like magic!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Justifying reasons why.

I'm not a slave of money!!!
(my mantra)
Being spontaneous helps when I feel like giving up on something, when uncontrollable consequences  happens, when “I don’t know” is already at the tip of my tongue… Having this character helped me to relax in these situations. It doesn't give me the exact solution but it never fails to make me feel good about what I just did. I want to call it also yielding to God’s plan and purpose and I know it sounds so “Christianist” so there being spontaneous is an incredible trait I wish to practice till whenever. And so I booked a flight to Singapore, SS5 this October, I’ll be travelling to Bangkok this November and I’ll be investing in a multi-level marketing very soon…

Snap! I have bills to pay though.
KIM HYUN JOONG my love, wait for me
to get a job before you leave for the army!!!
But here’s the catch…  I just resigned from work and got my last pay. It will be a month or two to receive my back pay from my company and I’m still on a look of a better job since for two times now I’ve refused to take a job that could possibly be an escape to this dip. And so I don’t have the money to pay for my ticket fare in SG, purchased using a friend of a friend’s credit card as well as the concert ticket for my much awaited first-love-boy-group, Super Junior. Hooo! Bangkok is about 4 months from now and I don’t have my pocket money prepared for it and the baht to settle my share in a hostel we must book; investment is a must do as well for the timing is now to make an investment and live a life apart from K-pop or else I won’t grow up. TT.TT IKR! I’m too immersed with my dilemma that concerns the root of all evil, moneyyy!!! 

Most of these were actually well thought. I mean it like I am convinced by my own conviction to pursue my already been a year decision to leave my job but without much thought of what will it make me after. I’m doomed! My spontaneous side has its share on this reality. But lucky me that I am spontaneous. I'm again relaxed by the thought that I am. I'm grateful that this and that are pushing me to my limits . Yes, I may be almost broke but at least now I have nothing much to lose. ~|-.-|~ C'mon cheer me up, micLtoe! 

Thanks to for the well app doodles. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I can't forget your LOVE.

Got teary eyed with this hand written love letter from 2PM. 
It’s already been four months after I parted ways with the men who made me feel so loved. At first I’m seriously a VIP. And after they made me feel this love sick ohhh boy, all I can say is… “I’m also just a girl screaming and cheering my heart out in front a boy asking him to love her.” And even before I say those lines, they already proposed. It was the ONLY YOU song that made me squeal my YES! The scream, the non-stop spazzing of the hottest crowd became a unison of awe for their sincere way of touching the hearts of their fans. Ahhh... chincha!

The video presented prior to the "special event" was done specifically to Hottest PH (fair enough, specific to all countries they visit). Though it's sad that the concert hall was not full yet they've come prepared with their homework and wow us some more that made everyone an anticipating fans for their comeback. 

And so allow me to reminisce that...

"I'm in love."
This scenario is not new to me at all same with friends who happened to notice that I just been out for a concert few minutes ago. But hey! It's been a week, four days and approximately 9 hours (get over with my drama!) after it ended but all I can do is to be distracted by flashing scenes from the hottest ever seen (green!) concert, shirtless and sexy pelvic thrust dance moves of these alpha males! Huhuhaha! Aigoo! Arra... I plead guilty, harassment it is!

Like any other concert act, it all started with the boys on their way up from an elevator like stage. From my upperbox seat, about 35 degree angle from where they're standing, sooo manly and just like how I felt on screen, they're no doubt The hailed Hottest!!! hmmnnn... yum! yum! yum!!! Deliciouso! ^^
Going back before the spazzing rises, the moment the stage is in placed I already get to notice this person whom I'm so lured nowadays. Chansung's notable sideburn (patilya in tag/spanish) made me feel like the total perv of the east! chincharoo~ Awww That very moment I had experienced confidence of any fan girl can possibly feel when you knew very well your bias... hihihihi that in one glance I can see who's who on stage. Nyahaha! Though I felt bad that there were empty spaces all over the arena but we managed to keep up and tried to occupy souls of 2 to 3 screaming fan girls in us. It was crazy I must say. But, note we're not yet the uber fan back there until.(dramatic ellipsis...)

Ok. Time to scroll down!!!

Until Chansung and the rest of the boys sang, rapped and danced through their solo stage performances...  

Chansung, babyker summoned us to screamed non stop as he moves his hips! Woah! He's not the Private Gong Do Ha I've come to know and adore in 7th Grade Civil Servant drama!!! He is a different person on stage like he barely wore clothes! I'm concerned. He might get sick because of that. (grin*) 
Well anyway my eyes were fixed. It's him where my eyes is on standby. When he did his encore acappella singing of Love You Down I almost ran into him to cover his lips with mine~ Ooops! That was just a thought in my head which shouldn't came out. He's not that very pitch perfect but no way I'll change my *best bias in the group just for that minor incident. hehe~ 

Junho's POV: It's weird up there~ (upperbox)

Junho... He really is a full packaged underrated performer. He does what everybody does that made him look like the average type but good thing is that HE'S GIVEN EMPHASIS on their comeback album that just came out. Yey! 
Just hold that pose Taecyon oppa!
I love my clothes the way I adore you.

Notice Taec's speaking voice? I think whenever a word comes out from his mouth it feels like the arena turned into a room in an instant because it's his bedroom voice I hear! Boom! 

The baby face that can actually be mistaken as the youngest, Nickun-shi. His English is effortless and I felt his sincerity with his gestures especially when he bowed to the audience in a 90 degree angle. T.T

Why not???

Wooyong~ He is cute. No doubt he has a lot of cheerers among the crowd, he is as lovable like that.
Oh c'mon I need a hug!!!

Jun K, a year ago you were still Junsu. Kekeke~ The notable voice of 2PM. He shines as he sings his parts. Sekssi~ 

One last thought... wahhhhh!!!

NOW abducted. And I need no help!!!

And so with 2PM they don’t do one-sided-love, it’s a two-way thing and they exactly know what we wanted and how it’s done. They've connected so well with their audience that I felt right there and then that we just had our 3 hour love line. Yeeee... Forgive me but, we just flirted with each other! Hahahaha!  Best effort guys! I don’t have to be lean, in make-up (though the majority had) because as always WE ARE THE HOTTEST!!! No more talks. Mianeh... Cause I CAN'T FORGET YOUR love~ mwah!

All credit goes to rightful owners. Kansahamnida!