Saturday, November 17, 2012

Xet! Xet! LEE MIN HO, noh napunya! You made me so happy that I cried. T.T

We're already inSIDE! And these were the roots of that withdrawal syndrome I'm feeling now...

pictures from his Bench photo shoot were shown.

Countdown marks his arrival. Everyone's thrilled and gone wild! 
The Preamble.

Hans of Face-to-Face opened the event cheerfully that even fed our anticipation of meeting the man of the day because he keeps on making my fantasies go chaos with the thought  if Lee Min HOT could be my boyfriend will I still be able to go out of the house? Yeheehee! But the hype got died a little, NG KONTI LANG because after the countdown for his trivial arrival, K-pop fandom were shown first in a front act type production number of introducing the Korean superstar… anyway a Korean really entered… Sam Oh, to host the event.

Finally, the Filipino fans welcomed the man that brought all us stress over this nonstop falling in line day, the ever gorgeous in all hairstyles, the one man behind the thick mass of people which defeats the number of lining fans of Gen Ad ELFS and VIPs outside the concert hall and the very person who made Nov. 16 a well anticipated day… 

Hail to the Namja Chingu of all ladies in the crowd! LEE MIN HO, neh sarang has come!!! #PassionatelyWildangLahat

The Fan meet proper started with an interview which questions asked were from Filipino fans over facebook and twitter as gathered by Bench of course. But all got even hyper upon noticing his every reaction like the way he looked at Sam Oh whom I thought could’ve been a hero in her past life that made her way closer to him. Tsk tsk. Our constant screams over his every first syllables were the most candid and playful that he even played with us and began prolonging his OHHHH... sentences. His worried gestures of concern over the safety of Patron crowd in standing were of course much appreciated since some were at their peak of spazzing so being shoved and pushed is pretty understandable there. I'm in awe of your coolness and warmth. Wahhhh! Just like the best scenes to anticipate were the times he bites his lip that was just so Augh! Kill me now moment!

I freaked out when he was asked the question of what place in the Philippines he wished to visit and he answered Boracay after me shouting it out loud. Wahahahha! I’m that influential huh?! And I again shouted, BE THERE BY JANUARY 16-19! Since I’ll be there too!  (I won’t accept your disagreement! Ahahahha! And you know I’m talking to you.)

Games and Fan-fun-things were played. The pre-selected winners of “Act the Look” made their short walk on stage then after the ten finalists were done HE IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWED! Awwww!!! I LOVE THIS MAN, HE HAS HUMOR! The roulette to spin together with the lucky winner got amazing prizes such as, shake hands WITH GENEROUS FREE HUG; life size poster/T-shirt with autograph PLUS HIS OWN FREE WILL OF ALMOST SIGHT AS EMBRACE FROM BEHIND AND HIM FOLDING HIS OWN POSTER! WAHHH!!! ; Special gift from him, himself; a picture WHILE HE KNEELS TO MATCH THE HEIGHT OF THE FAN; staring game which if it will be me I'll surely be ripe this time out of those eyes solely staring at me…  OH MY DEAR LORD, THAT WAS JUST A BEAUTIFUL SIGHT.

He also gets to choose the ACT THE SCENE contest, the participants were asked to video themselves acting the role of Park Min Yeong as Kim Nana in City Hunter. There were really creative, fun and well applauded acting explosion. And the winner not just won the title that got her into tears but also Lee Min Ho’s acknowledgement for her acting stint. IKAW NA ANG NAGSABING KANSAHAMNIDA AT SARANGHAE!!! Augh! Again, I died!!!

Anyway, every fairy tale has its happy ending and just like today it ended by his thanks and MAHAL KO KAYO. He said his goodbyes and he hopes of doing better in the future also this line struck me most, NABITIN SIYA!!!

Lee Min Ho @ActorLeeMinHo

I would like to say thank you to all the fans who made out to the Bench event. 

Adobo ^^ Masarab! 반가웠어요 ^^

Since he asked us of what Filipino dish he should try and we all responded ADOBO so here he is being true to his words - eating our classic favorite Adobo ^^. Masarap daw! Though when you said you’ll try it for your dinner a while ago, I seriously never thought of you trying them. You’re one sincere young man. I’ll love you more, promise!

Hay naku! Mahal na kita! He requested a picture with everyone so here it is! Lee Min Ho is not just evidently hoT.T. He’s warm, humorous, sincere and playful too! DAEBAK GU JUN PYO! Bogoshipo already! 


Credits to my dear officemate Azeneth,  Nysh chingu and Pinoy City Hunter Phil. fb fan page for the amazing pics from last night's event! Kudos!

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