Saturday, November 17, 2012


AMININ! pati bodyguards GWAPO!!! --.---\/
The long and thick pile of people finally realized its goal, Lee Min Ho’s fan meet at the Araneta Coliseum was held beyond successful. The crowd was in frenzy since the Korean Superstar arrived last Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012 that made #WELCOMELeeMinHo and his name himself as one of the trending topics since then. He’ll be here for a 4 day visit. And today’s event is the most waited of them all. A single receipt of purchase worth 1500, 1000, 800 and 500 of any bench products plus any Fix items will be given invite to the meet and greet. And so we did! After following the K-pop path, we came to a firm decision of availing Patron. So without further a due we bought the goodies on the 2nd week along with our scarce fan meet invite. All Minoz and K-drama enthusiasts were all in hurry to make a purchase since a 10 to 20 tickets per branch were sold easily in an hour upon released so being friendly to our ate and kuya in your favorite stores is a plus to inform you beforehand.

Thursday, the one last sleep before meeting Jun Pyo…

Had a nail care after a tragic day at the office for tomorrow’s event but as soon as I got home, Bench already tweeted the crucial state of exchange of invites to legit tickets to the fan meet. It says they will be releasing tickets at 8am and so a change of game plan must be plotted accordingly. Nysh chingu called me in an instant telling me to meet her in the late hours of the night to bring my ticket with her so she could line on my behalf early in the morning. Augh! I’m still human though so I refused to meet her but strangely I'm starting to worry because our big bang experience is having some flashbacks in my head so I accepted to challenge myself of coming to the office at 7am so I could be away for few hours while on duty (wahaha!) and get going to exchange my invite. Luckily a college friend already got there soon as I can so you know magic already been done in a 2 hours wait. Got my ticket in reserved seating so I will not need to fall in line that long again soon as I'm off from work.

It’s now 3pm where am I heading?

Everyone’s worried about the pile of people going for Lee Min Ho outside the concert hall that even concerned officemates of mine are asking me from time to time about my space in the mass of fans. Little do they know I just made a long wait there already just to get my seat reserved that resulted to my reluctance and calm today. Wahahahah! I’m such oh so wise with these things!

Since I got off early from work with stress free aura I washed up and dress up in a pay toilet. I seriously paid 10 pesos for me to transform from office girl to now, Park Shin Hye~ Ahah! Aigoo! So leave me alone there, I even bought a skirt to get the feel and of course everything bench must be in place for this day. So while waiting at the skywalk between Farmers’ and Gateway, sudden questions were buzzing like bees all over the crowd of passersby because of the nonstop cheer of excited fans, oshoseros in all ages began to ask who’ll be coming?; Who’s Lee Min WHO? And the likes of interests and disinterests further asking. I liked to share also my know how about the event so I answered them politely while hopefully hiding my excitement. As if I'm not a fan and just acting cool about the frenzy.

It’s 7pm and I’m still not there yet…

Reason behind? Chingu does matter. Along with Nysh we fall in line again to accompany Ylda to exchange her invite since she was unable to join in our earlier plan so we just stayed with her anyway. But upon eaves dropping, I’ve known that they’ll be closing gates if all Patron and Lowerbox space will be filled already so without hiding signs of self-interest we parted with Ylda who’s still falling in line by that time and we pursued fan girling so we could at least refrain from saying, WE COULD’VE DONE BETTER at blah blah blah over and over again. This is City Hunter after all!!! 


Credits to Nysh chingu~ and City Hunter Philippines fb fan page >!!!

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