Sunday, November 11, 2012

To splurge for a greater cause

Got this for 499Php. This was offered to me by a Granton Mktg. salesman when I was out for lunch. Its 5 vouchers with discounts valued at 30, 905Php in total. These cards are merely promos the establishments the marketing firm is promoting but also with the intention of helping the Operation Smile. That as promised in their smile cards, 10% of their profit will be donated to support the operation of children and young adults born with cleft palate and facial deformities. So a buy of this can never be a waste of money earned.

These are the smile cards:

My doubts actually were gone after I exchanged my e-plus voucher in SM Cinema so on that same day I got my atm-like E-plus card. I even use my free movie pass watching Suddenly It’s Magic in 2D valued for 202Php. With free two baller IDs and ballpen.

Whereas if you availed the e-plus card directly from the booth it will cost you 300Php already but also with freebies of 2 free movie pass, 1 popcorn and drink stub, tumbler, two baller ids and ballpen. So what’s in store for me is greater value for my money still.

I encouraged my two friends to buy them since the freebies are no joke and as we’re a fan of watching movies a reloadable e-plus card is a nice deal.

Here are the discounts. Imagine on 1st visit you could already avail absolute FREE manicure and pedicure valued for 220Php.

All four cards are valid for 6 months from the day you presented the voucher except of the e-plus card which is reload-able and renewable yearly.

See the difference in availing good buys it helps you spend your money wisely at the same time helping others needs in ways that will never be burden on your part.
So as we splurge and beautify ourselves we can think of ways not to feel the guilt in spending some money for ourselves after all it’s your hard earned money and you’ve been a hope for the Operation Smile Philippines.

They say true and sincere act of kindness doesn’t ask in return but in this context we can do it in win-win situation. Yey! 

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