Sunday, November 11, 2012

Suddenly It's Magic @ohmario

After my October Big Bang craze a well anticipated movie this November is never to be missed. Today along with my eksaherada friends we watched the team up movie of Erich Gonzales and Thai Superstar, Mario Maurer’s SUDDENLY IT’S MAGIC.

Erich’s acting was no joke; she really is a pinay beauty in and out.

Mario… Oh Mario you’re stare is a surprise after a surprise. But the kiss most especially at the end was beyond surreal! I felt you there. Oooo… @Lord hear my prayers!

I bet everyone can agree with this, Mario is a convincing actor. Especially when he delivered the lines…

"From the moment we first kissed, all my real kisses have been reserved just for you."
- Marcus, Suddenly It’s Magic

"I’m getting all of my dreams because you set me free. And all of my dreams would mean more if you’re with me. And I still love you. I would like to think and to believe that this time we’re stronger, we’re more grown-up, we know better, and because we know what’s like to be apart from each other. And no matter how tough things get, we’re not gonna let each other go again… Will you be with me?"
- Marcus, Suddenly It’s Magic

"I’m sorry. I couldn’t imagine keeping you a secret. You are too good, too beautiful, too wonderful to be kept a secret."
- Marcus, Suddenly It’s Magic

"Your cupcake told me to follow my heart. And my heart led me back here, to you. I don’t just want to pretend to be your boyfriend. Ang gusto ko, to be your boyfriend forever. I want to kiss you right now. But I won’t until you tell me you will be my girl."
- Marcus, Suddenly It’s Magic

"I don’t want a sad cupcake no more. Hey! I don’t want a sad cupcake no more. I will be the man who’ll put the sugar up in the cake… Please by my girl, my happy cupcake girl! Please be my girl, my happy cupcake girl! Please be my girl, my happy cupcake girl! What’s up, cupcake? Want a dinner with me?"
- Marcus, Suddenly It’s Magic 

Baifern looks like Kim Chui.

And Lolita, the manager, I love her accent which reminds me of my officemate’s voice in China. Nothing related just saying.

Prior to this movie sched, the haste to watch really fired up after Mario guested Gandang Gabi Vice last Sunday with the of course the favored girl among all living things in my eyes today, Erich along with Joross and Mario’s shocking like, The Epitome of Greatness as per Vice, KAKAI BAUTISTA, whose now the envy of many after she sorry’d us with Mario’s jaw dropping gazes on her. The episode captured the hearts of many when he ride on the show’s quirkiness and Vice’s teasing which in the end he got defeated by Kakai of course which me, myself don’t want to talk about now. #HowCouldYouKAKAI!

#MarioOnGGV trended last Sunday and the day after the air of their promo guesting which is claimed to be the best episode ever. Lots of laugh for that! Love you Mario!


The movie was an 8/10. The story-line is given predictable to begin with but all credits to Mario for the appeal and refreshing ambiance he emits in the full length screen so on that note we can just forget it. He's a prince-charming after all. Also it's Mario's first time to use English as his dialogues for a role in movie and his generosity of making me kilig and at the same time in rage with his kissing scenes. I liked the effort of casting Thai actors in the movie but they could’ve tried a bit more of laying subs for some dialogues delivered by the actress who played Mario’s mom since she’s playing an important part. Also the sound wasn’t that volume up I don’t know for some cinemas but I watched it in Megamall and this was the first time I’d actually bother to ask my friend, sitting beside me if what they were talking about just then in a kilig moment back hug. Lastly, I envy Erich to be paired with The Mario Maurer, everybody felt that and I’ve come to appreciate her in this movie though she got kisses from Mario. @ohMario mario everything is about you~ 

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