Saturday, November 17, 2012


Ok. So here I am refusing to talk about it but typing the words down. I just think she’s falling for him. Someone close saw them dating and my friend still shows concern for me that she would love to see me when I get back. Awww… Ottoeke? What should I do in situation like this? 

I know she doesn’t want to be in this awkward scenario too and I know the reason why she’s hesitating to get to know better the guy. So I’m back to my self whose fault was that I fell in love with the guy she’s now dating or what. She becomes so sudden like text-ing me of what’s new about me and the scope trimmed down to my love life and she’ll start giving me pointers of being a miss. I know why you’re doing that my friend. I appreciate that you’re feeling the guilt and you want our friendship to last when as a matter of fact there’s really no strings between us to be wary about.  I regret to note that we've been put in a difficult spot because of this errr feelings. But I’m just sorry that this kind of thing makes both of us uneasy. I wish we would be a bit more comfortable when we decided to meet soon. And for guarding my feelings I’m rather afraid that he’ll like you more for your good consideration.

So go on… You do what you feel is right. Stop bothering about how I’ll feel since sooner or later I’ll just cry and we’ll laugh about it. So back to my concern now is how I should be facing you both. I’m rather scared with that guy’s presence than being alone in this dark room. Hmnnn… How the protagonist in a movie will react to this scene?

Seriously been thinking…

Maybe I should hire someone to act as my boyfriend so I will not look that pitiful.

Should I press release that I already have a boyfriend as early as today so they’ll think that I already moved on?

Make myself busy so I will not bump into her during my short vacation this November.

Gym everyday prior to meeting her again?

Or should I just cry about this and let all worries wiped out. Ikaw na po @Lord bahala.

I’m not sure if can be cool about it but I will be. She deserves to be happy like how she wishes me to be.
(_ _")\/

Dagdag kaalaman:
Otteoke means WHAT TO DO? in Korean slang. 


  1. Well I guess the best plan is to have no plans at all. Live life spontaneously and see what happens. Bises! ;)

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  3. Hi, I love kimi ni todoke. I wanted to change my DP and stumble to your post. I just want to ask what ep is the GIV.