Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Irony of Spaghetti

Scene after a workout, I’m all prepared to go to sleep with my comfortable clothes and drying lotion mask on when a knock from a door stunned me. It’s my land lady with spaghetti, a full plate of spaghetti, she extended her arm to offer the hot plate towards me where I guess she’s that surprise with how I look to not even respond with my question of what reason there’s spaghetti in quarter to 10 p.m.

Jaded by the work out plus the spaghetti in my room I didn't gain any more sense to gather my thoughts answering my question. I dig in and ate it all. And now I’m no more hungry, sleepy, gullible… Thinking how I resist to take out a meal from a food chain after losing 200 kilo calories earlier, I am here fed with spaghetti, which I must say flavorful not judging from how it looks, wanting to lose the food I just took.

Then as I am contemplating now it’s the irony of going through a situation where you have to lose some if you want to gain some. Then irony in by any means is fine. After knowing it’s my land lady’s son’s birthday, accepting a food from a party is definitely the right thing to do instead of being asked for a gift right? So ignoring the fact that I’m on a diet my deed earlier was just so a norm. Good thing I didn't resist to the good old lady. The thought of giving a spag of no particular time and space made me feel actually grateful to be remembered. This made me full. So... Thank you.

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