Monday, September 24, 2012


This is a movie I’ll be afraid to watch alone. A romantic comedy in a suspense-horror setting filled with ripping of shirts. Yes, ripped! Two opposite genre combined with good leads, Son Ye Jin played the troubled lady, Yu-ri who lived the likes of Sunako Nakahara and Sawako from my favorite animes; Lee Min Ki as Jo-Gu, a street magician who hit it big after discovering the convincing scare out of Yuri’s character.

I won’t do story telling here… well I’m just inspired to share my thing. Oki?!!

So there, I felt Yu-ri’s worry in the movie. She just wanted to live a normal life but she’s faced with her dark past making her feel distant to life. She mastered to keep up and fight her fears since she’s still a girl who’s delicate plus weird. She wanted to be with someone who can be cool with her shortcomings and that I mean not just staying with her but living along with her extra baggage as well.

She’s a pretty nice catch but her only requirement for a man to marry is just someone with GUTS. There came a guy who’s just like anybody, also scared and as a matter of fact even “scared” but whom she felt attracted with. Jo-Gu learned to appreciate her uniqueness in spite the shock being around her. There she felt accompanied and safe. He didn’t let go though she pushed her away because on his part it’s more of a fright thinking she’s living alone. It’s that feeling of nothing to lose though you know you’ve just been reduced. You’ll be occupied by responsibility to care and to take good care of yourself in return since your mishaps are also same with the one you love. And what makes it evident is the big difference you can make from acknowledging your feelings than just by admiring from afar which is in the first place unfelt, no change, no difference from you saying to a friend that you loved her for years now but you stayed with your cowardly reasons. Dear, timing is important but confessing works for both end but it’s a must that a guy should initiate then she’ll admit. Got it?

Ooppss… Did I just make kwento? Hihihihi Mian~

Watch it or else Ju-Hee her unfriendly ghost will just be around haunting you to play the video below.

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